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MGG Studio

MGG Studio

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Deiland is a single-player adventure RPG with several sandbox elements, such as farming, crafting, and building.
Put on the mantle of the Little Prince of Deiland and rule over your own planet!

  • Tend Deiland - Your planet is your home, turn it into a unique and special place. Improve your skills, craft tools, cook delicious food, brew potions, and create many more items that you can manage and trade.
  • Enjoy the story - 12 available characters and over 100 quests. Your little planet will attract lots of neighboring merchants wishing to trade materials and rare ingredients.
  • Play and relax - Smooth and cute graphics as well as a relaxing soundtrack to ease up the bustling everyday routine. Experience the nature's versatility in the form of storms, hurricane winds, Aurora Borealis, meteor showers, and shooting stars.

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Reviews (2)

Raul65Review date: 17.10.2020
It is a relaxing game, quite simple and very aesthetically beautiful. The missions (commissions) are easy to fulfill, apart from some negative points such as the lack of intuitiveness in some aspects: how to get some materials (like the roast chicken lol, ) and although their story was a bit unfinished I generally liked. It made me a little short (about 19 hours) with all the achievements and all the character orders at 100%,
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FosterGReview date: 11.12.2020
Game inspired by the novel The Little Prince, where we will handle a boy who lives alone on a very small planet, this is where most of the game takes place. The game is Stardew Valley style and in this type of game you have to farm materials, you can farm, build buildings, craft ... but much more simplified. You can only build prefabricated buildings and there are few, and you can only farm in the 3 zones that the game gives you. Every X time, other travelers will land on our planet, who will sell us objects, and will give us missions, some main ones to advance in the "story", and other secondary ones in order to get some objects etc ... In some of these missions we We will move to other planets to complete them. The combat system is ... non-existent, it is approaching an enemy and pressing a button until he dies, there are also fire and ice magic ... but they are not very useful either. Graphically it is very normal, but visually it is beautiful.
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MGG Studio
MGG Studio
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