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Larian Studios


Larian Studios

Release date:




Key features:

  • The new chapter in the legendary series,
  • Meaningful actions and decisions,
  • Colorful characters,
  • Gripping narrative
  • Cooperative mode.

Return to the Forgotten Realms

Baldur's Gate 3 is the third major installment in one of the most iconic RPG franchises. The action begins a century after the events of Baldur's Gate II. This time you and your party have to deal with the invasion of mind flayers. It's only up to you if you decide to take on this uneven fight or join the malevolent illithids instead.

Release date

The game entered the early access stage in 2020. The release date of the full version of Baldur's Gate 3 was set for August 31, 2023.


Similarly to its renowned predecessors, the new installment uses a top-down perspective and turn-based combat based on D&D. Baldur's Gate 3 uses the Dungeons & Dragons 5th Edition ruleset. Of course, it enriches the traditional Baldur's Gate formula with modern features such as player-initiated turn-based mode, camera adjustment, and multiplayer modes.

Be the hero

You can choose among multiple races, subraces, and classes to create your unique character. Decide wisely because every character build comes with unique advantages and disadvantages. This way, you can complete Baldur's Gate 3 multiple times, having different experiences each time. Moreover, you can interact with the game's world and its inhabitants. Your decisions affect them directly, and the results of your deeds may come back to you.

Gather your party

The Baldur's Gate franchise is known for its charming companions, such as Minsc, Viconia, and Imoen. This time, you'll also meet many colorful characters that can join you to build a unique party on your journey through Faerûn. Furthermore, you may join forces with your friends, as the game offers an online cooperative mode that lets you form a team of up to four players.

Baldur's Gate 3 EN/DE/FR/IT/PL/RU/ZH/ES EU

Build your character and become the savior or the doom of Faerûn.

Baldur's Gate 3 EN/DE/FR/IT/PL/RU/ZH/ES EU

Watch how your decisions change the game's world

Baldur's Gate 3 EN/DE/FR/IT/PL/RU/ZH/ES EU

Baldur's Gate 3 continues the legacy of the iconic RPG series.


Available editions

  • Standard Edition includes:
    • The base game: Baldur's Gate 3.
  • Deluxe Edition includes:
    • The base game: Baldur's Gate 3,
    • Bard Song Pack,
    • Exclusive Dice Skin,
    • Paintings from Rivellon,
    • Adventurer's Pouch,
    • Digital Soundtrack,
    • Digital Artbook,
    • Digital Character Sheets.
    • Item Pack From The World Of Divinity: Original Sin:
      • Mask of the Shapeshifter,
      • Cape of the Red Prince,
      • Lute of the Merryweather Bard,
      • Needle of the Outlaw Rogue,
      • Bicorne of the Sea Beast.

Available languages

EnglishGermanFrenchItalianPolishRussianSimplified ChineseSpanish


  • Minimum
    • System: Windows 10, 64-bit
    • Processor: Intel I5 4690 / AMD FX 8350
    • Graphics: Nvidia GTX 970 / RX 480 (4GB+ of VRAM)
    • RAM: 8 GB
    • Drive space: 150 GB
  • Recommended
    • System: Windows 10, 64-bit
    • Processor: Intel i7 8700K / AMD r5 3600
    • Graphics: Nvidia 2060 Super / RX 5700 XT (8GB+ of VRAM)
    • RAM: 16 GB
    • Drive space: 150 GB


esrb rating:

MATUREContent is generally suitable for persons ages 17 and up. May contain intense violence, blood and gore, sexual content and/or strong language.


Overall rating


Based on 2 reviews





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Reviews (2)

DeuSlaimReview date: 24.12.2020
I like the game, it is baldur's gate and they have recreated it very well. The fights have endless possibilities and present a constant challenge. Keep in mind that it is an early access so it still has many errors that annoy the game experience a bit but it is normal. They fell short not only for being Act 1, which is understandable, but mostly with the experience limit. It does not let you advance beyond level 4 and a half, which can happen to me that you still have parts of the game to explore but you do not want to do it because it does not give you a level. Anyway highly recommended, it shows that it is going to be a legendary game and I am eagerly awaiting the next updates.
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m..j@gmail.comReview date: 19.06.2023
User bought Baldur's Gate 3 EN/DE/FR/IT/PL/RU/ZH/ES EU from:
That good :)
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