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Video games are one of the most popular forms of entertainment. Players of any age can find a title suitable for them.

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Helldivers 2 Global Steam
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Nightingale Global Steam
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Palworld Global Steam
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Tabletop Simulator EN Global Steam Gift
Project Zomboid Global Steam Gift
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Helldivers 2 EU Steam
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Baldur's Gate 3 EN Egypt Xbox Series
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Life is Strange: True Colors Global Steam
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Alan Wake 2 EN Egypt Xbox Series
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Video games are currently one of the most popular forms of entertainment. This medium has evolved dramatically over the years, offering players a wide range of experiences that can be relaxing, challenging, or educational. Many video games incorporate features such as multiplayer capabilities, innovative storylines, and numerous customization options that make them appealing to gamers.

Video games are for everyone.

Video games have evolved from simple entertainment for kids to a much more sophisticated medium. Thanks to the number and variety of the genres everyone, regardless of age, can find titles suitable for themselves.

  • Kids. Video games started their stunning career as a kind of toy, and also today, tons of releases are designed to resonate with a young audience. Moreover, besides pure fun, they often have educational values. However, it's crucial for parents to check if the game picked by their child is suitable for their age.
    • Games appropriate for kids: Minecraft, Sonic Frontiers.
  • Teenagers. This age group enjoys a wide variety of games, from classical titles to those offering augmented reality and virtual worlds. Many new games feature social options. Hence, adolescents use them to meet and play together with their friends.
    • Games appropriate for teenagers: Fortnite, FIFA 23.
  • Adults. Games are no longer considered unacceptable for mature players, as they can offer hours of entertainment and complex stories full of tough moral choices.
    • Games appropriate for adults: The Witcher III: Wild Hunt, The Last of US.
  • Families. Video games can be great fun for the whole family. Co-op releases such as Lego titles are enjoyable for everyone. Thus, kids may play together with their parents.
    • Games for families: Lego Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga, It Takes Two.

Moreover, modern video games usually feature vast accessibility options. Therefore, even players who are color-blind, partially sighted, hard of hearing, deaf, or suffering from other disabilities enjoy the game.

Advantages of video games

  • Immersion. One of the biggest advantages of video games over movies and books is that they are immersive and interactive. Playing a game provides much more involvement than watching something on a screen. Players feel invested in their stories and characters. 
  • Agency. Many video games let players make important decisions and affect the outcome of the story. This way, you can shape your own experience. Moreover, you can play one game multiple times to observe the results of different actions. 
  • Nonlinearity. There are often multiple ways to complete a mission or overcome an obstacle. This way, a game can stimulate your creativity. 
  • Replayability. You can enjoy reading one book or watching the same movie multiple times. However, the character will always say the same lines and take the same actions. On the other hand, video games let you shape different experiences and have another ending each time you complete your favorite title.

More than eterteinment

In addition to being great entertainment, video games can be used for educational purposes and to foster creativity in players. By blending traditional learning with interactive elements, video games can help improve problem-solving skills, critical thinking abilities, and knowledge of different cultures. They are also a great way to socialize with friends or family without physically being together. Games like Sea of Thieves and Scrabble use cooperative elements, making them an excellent way for parents to bond with their children or for friends to connect over long distances. 

Video games have also been used in healthcare, as they can help ease both the physical and psychological effects of illness or injury. For example, researchers in the United Kingdom have developed a game called Re-Mission that helps improve cancer patients' understanding of their illness and treatments while also allowing them to fight virtual enemies in the form of microbes. 

Digitally distributed video games

Diskettes, cartridges, and discs are traditional means of video game distribution, but they have been dominated by digital distribution. Today more than 90 percent of video games are sold digitally because this form of distribution has a long list of advantages.

  • Easy and instant access. Games are downloaded directly to players' computers and consoles. Therefore, you don't have to go to a store or wait for a delivery. Buying the game and starting to play are only a few clicks apart.
  • Space-saving. Video game boxes can look great on the shelve. Unfortunately, they eventually become a problem as you don't have enough space to store them. Digital distribution solves this problem entirely.
  • Deals. Eliminating the costs of manufacturing physical copies allows distributors to offer outstanding discounts. As a result, you can buy much cheaper classic hits and the latest AAA blockbusters.
  • Indestructibility. Breaking a physical copy of your favorite title was players' worst nightmare. Especially for buying a new copy of some titles could have been extremely costly or even impossible.