Survival Games Collection

Apparently, players love fighting for their survival because games allowing crafting, hunting, and facing threats in a hostile environment have become incredibly popular. Therefore we decided to prepare a new collection for you. Use discounts and get the best games exploring survival elements. There are Minecraft, Frostpunk, Valheim, Tomb Raider, PUBG, Days Gone, and many more.

Number of products: 80
Terraria Global Steam Gift
from  €0.72 €9.99
7 Days to Die Global Steam
from  €1.19 €22.99
RimWorld Global Steam
from  €18.79 €199.44
Days Gone Global Steam
from  €6.82 €56.00
Raft EU Steam Gift
from  €12.88 €21.30
Risk of Rain 2 Global Steam
from  €4.81 €17.99
No Man's Sky Global Steam
from  €17.62 €29.85
GTFO EN Global Steam
from  €15.97 €47.69
Kenshi EN/ES Global Steam
from  €6.13 €17.40
Resident Evil 2 Remake Global Steam
from  €4.57 €59.99
Northgard Global Steam
from  €5.88 €29.99
Frostpunk EN/DE/FR/PL/RU/ZH/ES EU Steam
Medieval Dynasty EN/DE/PL/ES Global Steam
The Isle EU Steam Gift
from  €8.62 €21.30
Dead Space 3 EN Global EA App
from  €4.23 €12.70
Dead by Daylight Global Steam
from  €8.13 €13.99
Forager EU Steam
from  €2.26 €19.99
Far Cry 4 EN Global Ubisoft Connect
from  €4.05 €20.37
Surviving Mars Global Steam
from  €4.02 €27.99
Outlast 2 Global Steam
from  €1.07 €25.99
Outlast EN Global Steam
from  €0.70 €3.85
Astroneer Global Steam
from  €20.54 €44.47
The Long Dark Global Steam
from  €6.62 €31.99
Left 4 Dead 2 EN Global Steam Gift
from  €9.15 €12.29
The Forest EN EU Steam Gift
from  €13.11 €29.99
Metro: Exodus EN/DE/FR/IT Global Steam
Stranded Deep EN EU Steam Gift
from  €13.11 €16.06
Far Cry Primal EN Global Ubisoft Connect
Valheim EU Steam Gift
from  €13.27 €19.27
Hobo: Tough Life EN/CS/ZH Global Steam
from  €23.87 €41.24
Far Cry 3 EN Global Ubisoft Connect
from  €3.20 €11.85
The Survivalists Global Steam
from  €2.53 €24.99
Dying Light Global Steam
from  €3.89 €8.96
DayZ EN EU Steam Gift
from  €27.66 €40.31
Fallout: New Vegas EN Global Steam
from  €2.18 €5.00
Risk of Rain EN Global Steam Gift
from  €1.16 €9.99
Dead Space 2 EN/DE/FR/IT/RU Global EA App
Rust EN EU Steam Gift
from  €41.49 €97.48
CryoFall Global Steam
from  €0.57 €19.99
They Are Billions Global Steam
from  €18.01 €206.71

Buy survival games at the best price on GAMIVO

In our new collection, we gathered games representing many different takes on survival. First of all, some games allow players to face numerous deadly hazards, such as monsters, hunger, and cold. For instance, in Valheim player becomes a Viking who must craft his weapons and tools, develop his skills, and build structures. Also, Minecraft offers a Survival Mode where players need resources to create and must fight against mobs. DayZ may serve as another example of a game where a player starts with limited supplies and must survive against all odds. In most of those games, survival serves as the main goal. If you want to survive thanks to your strategy talents instead of muscles buy Frostpunk or This War of Mine.

On the other hand, many games don't belong to a survival sub-genre but use survival mechanics or apply survival as a crucial plot element. Hence, in our collection, you may find many survival horrors like Resident Evil and Dead Space. There are also action-adventure games such as Days Gone and even RPGs.

Survival is also essential in battle royale games. In those shooters, numerous players fight as long as only one of the left standings. If you want to check whether you'll be the sole survivor, pick the famous PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds (PUBG).