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MGG Studio
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Space Lizard Studio


Thunderful Publishing

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Roguelite horror game Paper Cut Mansion is set in a papercraft universe. Play as Toby, an investigator from the police who arrives at an enigmatic old mansion. As he investigates the mansion floor by floor he tries to understand the history of this peculiar location... He gathers more evidence for Evidence Board with each run but... mysterious people who live in this Mansion may try to disturb this process.

You can lay down traps and turrets for your adversaries, or set up a drone to do the fighting for you. The benefits you receive for completing quests add freshness to each run because you might not get the same options the following time! There are countless options and no one way to go through the Mansion's chambers - they are always changing. You always begin in The NeoCortex realm, which reminds an escape room and is full of obstacles, traps, and surprises. Dimension-changing twists are something normal for Mansion. There are portals on every floor that take you to different versions of the same room.

The Mansion is filled with a variety of opponents, hints, tasks, mysteries, and exciting logic puzzles - there is always something new to learn on every run. You constantly have something to keep track of, such as quests to complete, puzzles to solve, or kit upgrades. Your choices throughout your run will slightly shape the outcome - there are 27 different ways to wrap up the story.

  • Different game endings are caused by your decisions.
  • Game mechanics with a strong focus on replayability.
  • Unique AI for each type of opponent.
  • Logical puzzles that are not easy to solve.
  • The purpose of logical puzzles is to get the player to think.
  • Collectible improvements and upgrades.
  • Before each run, adjust your equipment to create your unique playing style.

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