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Dr. Keys
Dr. Keys
Dr. Keys
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description Description and requirements

Prepare for the Werewolf Hunt! Misanthrope’s curse echoes through the woods of Lovengrad. Terrible monsters, led by the werewolf, hunt for their prey. An oppressive atmosphere paired with the thrill of hunting makes this game unlike any other. Begin the Huntfeast, where you are a hunter who hunts alone or with a friend.

Lovengrad the abandoned Forest... The year is 1620, And the castles are under a threat. To ensure their security, the elite are sending the greatest hunters to Lovengrad and destroy the invasion of Misanthrope. The forest harbors dangers so terrible that can only be overcome by hunters with nerves of steel. With the help of an engineer named Igor, you get access to weapons from the 19th century that aren’t available to the public. They will help you gain an advantage over the dangers that are waiting for you in the deep forest.

The Werewolf is waiting for you... Many dangers reside in Lovengrad, but the werewolf is the greatest threat of them all. Find special and rare equipment, such as silver bullets, and use it against this superiority. You will have to be smart and unique in your actions to ensure success.

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