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Riot Point (RP) is a virtual currency used in video games developed by Riot Games. Riot Points are required to unlock a lot of in-game items, heroes, skins, etc.

Valorant Points value may vary depending on the Gift Card amount.

By far, the easiest way to get a lot of Riot Points is to buy them. A prepaid card is a very convenient way to do it because it does require neither a credit card nor a bank account. You just have to provide the card's number in the in-client store.

Where to use Riot Points?

LEAGUE OF LEGENDS - LOL is a phenomenon that needs no introduction. This 2009 MOBA still engages thousands of causal and pro-gamers alike. In LOL, you need Riot Points for many activities, to mention only a few:

  • Purchase experience boosts,
  • Purchase Champions,
  • Purchase Champions and Arena skins,
  • Purchase Hextech Crafting materials,
  • Purchase Emotes, Ward skin, and Summoner icons,
  • Purchase Eternals,
  • Change summoner name,
  • Transfer account. 

VALORANT - it's a first-person hero shooter. In Valorant 2 teams of 5 agents fight against each other. Each agent has a unique set of abilities. Consequently, players must use them smartly to help their team win. If you want to use your Riot Points in Valorant, they are converted to Valorant Points (VP). For VP you can: 

  • Unlock levels, 
  • Purchase new visual effects, 
  • Purchase audio, 
  • Purchase animations, 
  • Purchase unique finisher variants, 
  • Purchase weapon skins.

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