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description Description and requirements

Red Trains is a strategic simulator game. Build tracks to connect industry and cities. Customize locomotive designs to optimize for particular goods and routes. Manage your political clout to avoid being removed from your post.

  • Train Design
    Train design involves balancing train strength, speed, and capacity to optimize various cargo types and different length routes.
  • Research
    In Red Trains, research progresses automatically without your input. The People's Republic never stands still. You can, however, affect the direction of research and make requests for particular areas to be investigated. Research unlocks components for train design, increases production, and even enables new types of rail tracks.
  • Signals
    To better manage train pathing and scheduling use signals. While collisions never happen in the People's Republic, deadlocks and other problems can occur if signals are not skillfully and carefully placed.
  • Story Scenarios
    Twelve novel scenarios with light stories to provide alternative play experiences.

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