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Mosaic Maze

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description Description and requirements

Mosaic Maze is a minimalist hardcore precision platforming game for PC. The rules are simple - use infinite jumps, precise movement and lots of trial-and-error to move around the mosaic. Avoid red tiles, and make use of other tiles to help you progress through the levels. Each loop you make around the mosaic changes it, building a progressively more difficult obstacle course ahead of you. Skill, precision, careful planning and lots of practice are essential for navigating the levels and reaching the end. 

  • Classic platformer gameplay 
  • Smooth, responsive controls 
  • Atmospheric visuals and sounds 
  • Challenging difficulty, requiring careful planning and lots of trial-and-error 
  • Collectible bonuses which unlock extra levels, abilities and modifiers which change the gameplay 
  • Over 200 levels split into 6 worlds, each with it's own unique aesthetics and mechanics.

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