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Dwarven Skykeep

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MGG Studio

MGG Studio

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Hack The Publisher


Ravenage Games, East2West Games

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Build magical towers

Find out how to build an enchanted castle using your deck of tool, spell, and weapon cards. Next, construct workstations, forges, alchemy labs, and castle fortifications. Create order around your dwarven fellowship to avert lightning, floods, and flames. Defend the tower against adversaries and jealous wizards trying to undo your legacy. Every time you play, adapt to the special geography, fend off enemy spawns, and gain a new deck of cards. The primary questline in Dwarven Skykeep leads players through a fantastical environment filled with amazing encounters, amusing people, and opportunities.

Meet the wizard

The sorcerer has a purpose when he enters Dwarven City - by assisting Dr. Kness in his area of expertise, which is constructing the coolest towers out of various card types, you can learn all about this enigmatic quest. Before each stage, make thoughtful choices. You will encounter challenging, occasionally absurd obstacles in your approach to your goal. Heat up your tower in the Winter World, operate a train across a desert, use "Levitron" to keep your tower airborne, and travel through the Shadow World while attempting to recover the sun that has been devoured. Every level will have numerous challenges for you to overcome, but nothing is impossible - particularly after the fifth attempt.


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MGG Studio
MGG Studio
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