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Caesar 3

5.0 /5 (1 reviews)
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Hail Governor, your city awaits.

As a provincial governor charged with spreading the glory of Rome our mission is clear: build cities, foster trade and industry, make money. How you accomplish this is entirely up to you. Gain wealth and power, make a career out of pleasing the emperor, battle Barbarians and repel invaders or concentrate on building the next Eternal City. Fail and you’ll end up as lunch for the lions. Prove your strength of mind and spirit and you just may be crowned Caesar!

  • Build rule and defend on one screen - a truly intuitive, helpful interface lets you jump right in and start building.
  • Citizens give you a glimpse into the life of the common man – talk to them for clues about how to improve your city.
  • Various new structures and challenges arise throughout your Governor’s career, for tremendous depth of play and replayability.

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Reviews (1)

zandiReview date: 15.11.2020
i Have this game on cd from pc magazine ans must sya it's great experience. Oour goal in this game is to build prosper Roman city which is not simple because each residents have their needs from a poor plebs to noble patrician and we must fulfil them otherwise we will have disasters like tornado, fire and etc We also must plain roads wisely because units can sometimes block between buildings or rocks, The game also has a tactic map to plan trades between other cities in the region, or even small battles but we 'can't control our army directly but we can show units where to attack, we mus also build temple sto gain blessings from the gods, which can really help our city . Fan also made mods like Julius or August, which repair most of the game errors on modern pc. so if you like history and city building you should try it.
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