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Brain Please Don't

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Brain Please Don’t lets you try Cameron’s week with various different versions of the teenager, and each choice made along the way changes Cameron’s inner universe, and the deck that represents it.

In each encounter, play the cards that represent Cameron’s inner workings, thoughts and impulses. Like in any teenager’s life, avoiding self-doubt, anxiety and inadequacy will be a constant challenge. Those challenges can only be meaningfully overcome if the psyche changes to manage them, if you build the deck into a better version of itself through the choices made.

Having better mental states give you access to more answers, and good answers can sometimes create better general states of mind. The game is all about trying to construct positive psychological spirals, while also looking at what happens when that can’t be the case.

Not all endings are always happy, not all darkness is always pitch black, and only your take of each playthrough can explore the various paths and destinations of this short game.


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