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Baba Is You

5.0 /5 (1 reviews)
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Baba Is You is an award-winning puzzle game where you can change the rules by which you play. In every level, the rules themselves are present as blocks you can interact with; by manipulating them, you can change how the level works and cause surprising, unexpected interactions! With some simple block-pushing you can turn yourself into a rock, turn patches of grass into dangerously hot obstacles, and even change the goal you need to reach to something entirely different.

The game has over 200 levels that experiment with the game's mechanics in a multitude of ways, requiring the player to understand and manipulate the rules of the game and figure out devious ways to make the objects in the game world interact.

The game was originally created for and won the Nordic Game Jam 2017. Baba Is You also won the Excellence in Design and Best Student Game awards in the Independent Games Festival 2018, and was nominated a finalist in 2 other categories, including the Seumas McNally Grand Prize. The game was made using Multimedia Fusion 2 by Clickteam.


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Reviews (1)

Suki23Review date: 02.02.2021
A game where you manage a kind of guinea pig (called "Baba") and you must reach the goal by overcoming obstacles by moving pieces of text that change the rules of the level. Example: If there is a text that says "walls stop you", you can remove "walls" and cross through them like nothing. The first levels are made up of simple obstacles and simple phrases: "the doors open with a key", "the key is pushed" ... but soon the difficulty grows and you cannot just move the key to the door because another text puts another obstacle like "the key is immobile" or "the door sinks you", and you have to manage to make that key move and / or not sink when crossing the door. And the difficulty will not stop climbing: new rules and obstacles will appear, and sooner or later you will be trying to figure out how to move that door through the wall so that it will drag the flag that is there to Baba avoiding touching the key because the key can now disintegrate the flag (and with it your victory).
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