Armed and Gelatinous

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Armed and Gelatinous is a couch-competitive multiplayer party game with a wide variety of game modes. The main event is best described as a fast-paced bullet-hell space-shooter that pits you against your friends in epic matches of blob warfare! Take control of a gelatinous blob and either dash or blast your way to victory. Be warned! Your blob's body grows in size with each weapon you collect, effectively trading agility for firepower. Don't get too greedy or you'll swell up like a balloon and get popped!

  • Six Party Game Modes
  • Tasty OST w/ 21 Original Tracks
  • Be a Boss!
  • 10+ Destructive Weapons
  • Super Dash Ability
  • Kill Streak Tracking
  • Match Customization
  • Hidden Soundtrack Selection Controls
  • Explosive Dynamite Crates
  • Space Tacos!

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