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The globally renowned series

Immerse yourself in the latest installment of Resident Evil, set in a secluded hamlet in Eastern Europe, cut off from the rest of the world. Overlooking the humble dwellings is a daunting castle, home to a lethal vampire matriarch and her offspring. The villagers live in perpetual fear of what lurks within, steering clear of the estate at all costs. This backdrop for the survival horror game unravels unprecedented avenues of terror.

Key features:

  • The subsequent episode of a highly acclaimed narrative,
  • The unmatched ambiance of an Eastern European village
  • High-quality survival horror elements,
  • Scientific rationalization of various supernatural occurrences,
  • Allusions to classic and Gothic horror.

First-person immersive action

Step into the shoes of Ethan Winters, the hero of Resident Evil 7 Biohazard, who successfully fled from an inevitable doom, and confront the nightmarish reality through a first-person perspective. Aid the protagonist in his quest to rescue his abducted daughter. Immerse yourself in the chilling ambiance of classic survival horror elements, complemented by a more action-driven gameplay style. Traverse the frost-laden village reminiscent of the Victorian era, and stay vigilant for mutant entities.

Recognizable characters and novel adversaries

A hero turned antagonist. Chris Redfield, a familiar face from previous Resident Evil installments, appears to be embroiled in some seemingly nefarious activities. New enemies that inhabit the eerie village lie in wait for your arrival, signaling the end of tranquility for the Winters family. Safeguard baby Rosemary, Ethan's daughter, from the malevolent clutches of werewolf-like beings known as Lycans and vampires.

Terrifying experience

An ominous aura permeates the air. Mysteries lie in wait for Ethan to unravel, and terrors for him to elude. Brace yourself for numerous spine-chilling encounters, delve into the realm of lethal creatures, and thwart a horrifying ritual. This next-generation horror game, with its hyper-realistic graphics, might evoke a sense of realism that could lead to sleepless nights.

Resident Evil Village - RE VIII EU

Explore an isolated village.

Resident Evil Village - RE VIII EU

Find the kidnapped daughter of Ethan, the protagonist from Resident Evil VII Biohazard.

Resident Evil Village - RE VIII EU

Fight with mutant creatures.


Available languages

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esrb rating:

MATUREContent is generally suitable for persons ages 17 and up. May contain intense violence, blood and gore, sexual content and/or strong language.


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