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Why you should buy Outriders?

  • You're looking for a dynamic shooter,
  • You like games with compelling stories,
  • This game can be played over and over again.

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Outriders is a dynamic shooter featuring RPG elements letting you create your own exciting journey in the game's original world. It was developed by the Bulletstorm creators – People Can Fly. 

You were one of the first people on the planet of Enoch, the Earth-like world chosen as the new home for humankind. Unfortunately, something went deadly wrong. You wake up years after your landing and must fight for your life. Explore Enoch, discover its secrets and learn what happened to your crewmates and the planet that was humanity's last hope.  

Outriders classes

As one of the Outriders, you can use a vast range of powerful guns and supernatural powers. Play as one of the intense classes and customize your own character to fit your preferences. Change up your gear, mods, weapons, and skills. You've got four classes to choose among:

  • Devastator - Unleash seismic attacks at close range,
  • Pyromancer - Make use of fire. Shoot at enemies in the medium range,
  • Technomancer - Support your teammates at long-range,
  • Trickster - Manipulate time and help your team in close-range combat. 

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Outriders New Horizon

New Horizon is a free update improving Outriders in many ways. First of all, it extends the game's endgame by removing time limits and adding new Expeditions. Moreover, thanks to the DLC, players have more customization options and much better chances to gain powerful Legendary items. Read our article about New Horizon to learn more. 

Key features:

  • Dynamics combat,
  • A mature story inspired by Francis Ford Coppola's Apocalypse Now,
  • Extended endgame,
  • Various classes with unique abilities,
  • Play single-player or enjoy the time with your friends in 3 person co-op,
  • Customize your character and your deadly weapons,
  • Think through the skill tree options,
  • The New Horizon free update.

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