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Why you should buy Lost Judgment:

  • You enjoyed playing Judgement – the previous game from the franchise.
  • You appreciate the value of a good plot and voice acting.
  • A detective story with crunching combat elements fits your taste.

A big comeback of detective Yakuza

Lost Judgment is a sequel to Judgment, where you solve criminal riddles as a private detective Takayuki Yagami. The game belongs to action-adventure JRPGs. It features a beat-em-up combat system. Players and critics are mainly impressed by the size of the release – the amount of side content is the essential advantage.

Discover the secrets of Yokohama

Play as detective Yagami, who takes a trip to the city of Yokohama to celebrate the opening of a new detective agency. It turns out that the city suffers from a bullying problem. Yagami gets hired to get to the bottom of the issue of troublemaking teenage students. The plot is full of twists and turns, so it’s hard to say that the game is predictable.

New story with few references

Many game sequels are like the next chapters to the previously began plot. Lost Judgment is quite different, so you don’t have to give up on the game if you haven’t played the previous title. Of course, you’ll miss some references but thanks to occasional flashbacks realizing what is going on is easy. The story of Lost Judgment has no direct connections to the previous game.

More than a game

It’s safe to say that this game has something of a movie to it. The story is well driven. With its memorable moments and well-acted cutscenes, it makes you wait for the plot to take a step forward. We also have to mention the marvelous performance of voice actors – whether you play with original Japanese voiceover or English dubbing, you may expect a real thrill.

Lost Judgment: key features

  • Detective drama with many plot twists,
  • High-end characters,
  • Top-quality voice acting,
  • Punchy combat,
  • Huge amount of in-depth side content.

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