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This is a Playstation 4/5 version of the game.

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Why you should buy Heal:

  • You want to play a unique puzzle-solving adventure game.
  • You’re looking for a thought-provoking title that deals with important issues. 
  • You love games with beautiful, abstract, hand-painted visuals.

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There are many struggles that come with old age. Dementia is probably the scariest one of them. Guide an old man through a world filled with abstract pieces of his lost memory in Heal, a side-scrolling 2D point-and-click adventure game. Explore and solve puzzles in this mysterious environment in which tension and uncertainty of losing memory follow you throughout.  

An abstract world

Heal gives you no guide or instruction. You take control of an old man and lead him through various environments, such as parks, houses, and log cabins. To get from one location to another, you have to solve various puzzles. The world of Heal is an abstract place, reflecting pieces of the man’s memories. The hand-painted visuals range from dark shadowy places to more colorful and pastel ones.

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Lost memories 

Heal successfully represents the scary prospect of losing one’s memory. Just like people with dementia, you feel lost. The combination of abstract locations, fragments of memories, familiar scenes that are presented not quite in the right way, and a tension-building soundtrack makes you feel uneasy and uncertain of the world you’re in. Even though there are no dangers awaiting you, the spooky feeling will follow you throughout the gameplay. 

A thought-provoking game

Heal focuses on a very important issue that comes with old age, namely dementia. By presenting the world in an abstract way and giving players no guidance, protagonist’s backstory, or clear goal, the game tries to recreate the experiences of people with memory loss. The feelings are intensified by bass tunes and shrill sound effects.   

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Heal features 

  • Unique hand-painted graphics,
  • Atmospheric soundtrack, 
  • Various abstract locations, 
  • Puzzle-solving. 

available languages

EnglishGermanFrenchItalianPolishCzechDutchJapaneseKoreanNorwegianPortugueseRussianSimplified ChineseSpanishSwedishTurkishTraditional ChineseHungarianDanishArabicFinnishGreekUkrainianThai

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