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A Musical Story

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Why you should buy A Musical Story:

  • You’re looking for an original rhythm game.
  • You want to go back in time to the 70s.
  • You’d love to relax to the tunes inspired by huge music icons. 

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A Musical Story

Enter the world of 70s music with A Musical Story, a debut game from Glee-Cheese Studio. Take on the role of Gabriel and help him restore his lost memory with the power of music. Enjoy a unique story, an original soundtrack, and discover a hidden chapter. A Musical Story release date is March 2nd, 2022.

A unique journey

Set in the 70s of the 20th century, A Musical Story is a unique narrative with no words. The story of Gabriel, a man who lost memory of who he is and his past, is told using only music and beautiful visual art. Restore Gabriel’s memory by playing correct melodies in each chapter. The game’s mechanics slightly differ from any other rhythm game as you have to show your rhythmic skills by pressing the button in time with the music.   

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To the rhythm 

Unlock Gabriel’s memories by playing songs and open new chapters of his story. A Musical Story offers an original soundtrack with 26 songs by Charles Bardin and Valentin Ducloux. Moreover, if you manage to play every song perfectly, you’ll unlock a hidden chapter. 

Explore the past

Learn about Gabriel’s past through unique gameplay. Go back in time and explore the vibrant 70s through the music inspired by such icons as Pink Floyd, Led Zeppelin, and Air. Enjoy the beautifully crafted art style by Alexandre Rey. 

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A Musical Story features

  • A unique gameplay mechanics, 
  • Original soundtrack with 26 songs, 
  • Beautiful visual art, 
  • A hidden chapter to unlock.

available languages

EnglishGermanFrenchItalianPolishJapaneseKoreanPortugueseRussianSimplified ChineseSpanishTurkishTraditional ChineseFinnish

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