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Why you should buy 35MM:

  • You love discovering older indie gems.
  • You’re looking for a game with an intriguing story.
  • You enjoy the relaxing vibe of walking simulators.

Photos of the apocalypse

Enter post-apocalyptic Russia as one of the survivors in 35MM, a first-person walking simulator with survival elements. Join Petrovich and his friend on their way back home through the dark, disease-ridden world. Grab your 35mm camera and take pictures along the way – who knows what you will see after walking another mile?

Discover your fate

Throughout the game, you’ll encounter a few intense moments. However, most of the time, you’ll only get to walk around various environments, trying to find your way back home. Your companion is not talkative, but you’ll encounter others on the way. Can you trust them? Has the catastrophe united humanity or on the contrary, led to mistrust?

How will it end?

The game features a gripping story, which may have three different outcomes, depending on the actions you take. Unlike many other post-apocalypse games, 35MM is rather slow-paced and does not feature combat. Throughout your journey, you’ll mostly explore, search for collectibles, and solve various puzzles.

It’s all about the atmosphere

Despite not-the-highest quality graphics, 35MM gameplay is an excellent experience, with its minimalistic sound effects, subtle soundtrack, touching yet not too long dialogues and full Russian voice acting. However, you can be sure that the events you’re about to stumble upon are going to be frightening and create a sense of loneliness.

35MM: key features

  • Tense atmosphere,
  • Touching story,
  • Sense of loneliness,
  • Relatable characters,
  • Slow-paced action.

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