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Why you should buy an eBay Gift Card:

  • A perfect gift for someone who loves online shopping.
  • It lets you buy anything on eBay without a credit card.
  • Easy to use, with a variety of balances.

No idea what to buy for a gift?

No matter how much you want to spend on a gift, a gift card is always a brilliant idea. eBay Gift Card will let anyone choose something that suits them. They will be happy with a perfect choice, and you don’t have to worry about accidentally buying a missed gift.

Buy anything from anywhere

eBay Gift Card gives you the access to buy anything from an enormous worldwide eBay marketplace, including electronics, games, fashion, toys, and many more. The choice is yours - you can find something right at the price of your card, top your account with additional cash, or buy a cheaper game and save the rest for later!

No credit card is needed

Buying stuff online usually requires your credit card data. It’s completely understandable that not everyone feels safe sharing their bank account details. With an eBay Gift Card, your purchases are completely safe and you do not need to share any sensitive data. You only need to load the funds within your account.

eBay Gift Card: how to use

  • Go to eBay,
  • Log into your Origin Account,
  • Fill your basket,
  • Enter the code in the gift cards, coupons, and eBay Bucks near the bottom of the checkout page,
  • Confirm.

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