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FIFA 23 Global EA App
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FIFA 23 - FUT Points 2800 Points EA App
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FIFA 23 - FUT Points 2800 Points Xbox live
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FIFA 23 EN/DE/FR/IT/ES United States Xbox One
FIFA 23 - FUT Points 5900 Points Xbox live
FIFA 22 - FUT Points 2200 Points EA App
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FIFA 23 - Pre-Order Bonus DLC Global EA App
FIFA 23 Ultimate Edition Global EA App
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FIFA 23 EN/DE/FR/IT/ES Argentina Xbox Series
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FIFA 23 - FUT Points 12000 Points Xbox live
FIFA 22 - FUT Points 1600 Points EA App
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FIFA 22 - FUT Points 2200 Points Xbox live
FIFA 22 - FUT Points 1050 Points Xbox live

Buy FIFA 23 and FIFA Points at the best price

FIFA 23 release date

Each year, football fans ask the same question: when is the new FIFA coming out? The game usually premieres in early Autumn, and the final installment is no different here. FIFA 23 release date was set for September 30, 2022.

FIFA 23 is the latest and final installment in the series loved by millions of players. Once again, we have a chance to score beautiful goals in the world's best leagues, including Premier League, Ligue 1, Bundesliga, Serie A, Eredivisie, Primera División, and MLS, to name only a few. It's also worth mentioning that are some new leagues in FIFA 23. This year's edition makes history because it's the first to feature not only women's national teams but also leagues - D1 Arkema (France) and the Barclays Women's Super League (England).

And, of course, all the fan-favorite game modes are back, so we can become a star as an outstanding player or brilliant manager in the Career mode or build a dream team in FUT. Moreover, FIFA 23 features the World Cup mode, covering the FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022 and the FIFA Women's World Cup Australia/ New Zealand 2023. 

The last FIFA 23

There's also one rather unusual reason to buy the new FIFA. It's hard to believe, but FIFA 23 is the last installment in the series that started almost 30 years ago. After decades of fruitful cooperation, EA Sports and the Fédération Internationale de Football Association (FIFA) have decided to split their ways. As a result, FIFA 23 is unique because it concludes the franchise's history. Of course, it doesn't mean there won't be any new football games from EA Sports. The developer changed the name of its flagship series to EA Sports FC.

Choose your edition

In our collection, you'll find all of the FIFA 23 editions. Pick your preferred version, region, and language, and start scoring goals! Interestingly, on the FIFA 23 cover, we can see Kylian Mbappé, so the same player has been shown on the front of three consecutive FIFA games. The French national team and PSG forward is the sole hero of the FIFA 23 Standard Edition cover, while the FIFA 23 Ultimate Edition pictures Mbappé accompanied by Sam Kerr, a star of Chelsea F.C. Women.

Of course, the cover is not the only difference between the FIFA 23 Standard and the Ultimate Edition. The latter includes some neat extras that will help you start your FUT 23 journey in style, such as 4600 FIFA Points and an untradeable FIFA Ones to Watch item.

FIFA 23 FIFA Points

Besides the FIFA 23 game, our collection contains precious FIFA Points that every FUT fan desires the most. Get 1050, 2200, 4600, or even 12000 FIFA Points at the best price, and make sure that you can always afford new packs and other FIFA Ultimate Team features.

FIFA 23 platforms and cross-play

The last FIFA, featuring the famous EA Sports, it's in the game motto, just like its predecessors, and is available on all the most popular gaming platforms. As a result, you can score goals in FIFA 23 on your PC, Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X|S or via cloud gaming services, such as Stadia.

Importantly, the game supports cross-platform play. However, there are some limitations. First of all, the current and next-gen consoles are not compatible. It means that PS5 players can play with those using a PC, Xbox S|X, or Google Stiadia. On the other hand, PS4 owners can compete against one another or with Xbox One players. 

Moreover, FIFA 23 cross-play is available in selected modes, including. FIFA Ultimate Team, Seasons, and Online Friendlies. Unfortunately, all co-op modes are excluded from cross-play due to technical difficulties.

FIFA 23 ratings

Player ratings are another thing that FIFA fans are extremely curious about before the release of every new installment in the series. Everyone wants to know who's the best footballer in the game and what score their favorite player has. In FIFA 23, five players share the highest overall rating. Those are Lionel Messi (PSG, Argentina), Robert Lewandowski (FC Barcelona, Poland), Kylian Mbappé (PSG, France), Kevin De Bruyne (Manchester City, Belgium), and Karim Benzema (Real Madrid, Spain). Each of those players has an overall of 91.

As you can see, all the top-rated FIFA 23 players are forwards. If you're looking for the best defensive player, Virgil van Dijk (Liverpool F.C., Netherlands) is your guy, while the best goalkeepers in the game are Manuel Neuer (Bayern Munich, Germany) and Thibaut Courtois (Real Madrid, Belgium).