Space Games Collection

Video games set in the cosmos have been popular since the very beginning of gaming. They let us defeated alien invasions, save galaxies, colonize distant planets, or pilot spaceships. GAMIVO has prepared for you a collection of the best space games. There are such hits as Mass Effect Trilogy, No Man's Sky, Among Us, Halo, a bunch of Star Wars games, and many more.

Number of products: 61
No Man's Sky Global Steam
from  €16.05 €29.85
Viscera Cleanup Detail EN Global Steam Gift
Helldivers Dive Harder Edition Global Steam
Destiny 2: Beyond Light DLC Global Steam
Endless Space 2 Global Steam
from  €3.06 €20.99
Kerbal Space Program EN Global Steam
from  €3.86 €19.99
BattleTech EN Global Steam
from  €4.41 €49.99
Dyson Sphere Program EN/ZH EU Steam Gift
Oxygen Not Included EN/KO/RU/ZH EU Steam Gift
X4: Foundations Global Steam
from  €12.94 €49.99
FTL: Faster than Light EN Global Steam
The Outer Worlds EU Steam
from  €5.35 €59.99
Mass Effect 3 EN/DE/FR/IT Global EA App
Trailmakers Global Steam
from  €2.02 €19.99
Dead Space 3 EN Global EA App
from  €4.23 €12.70
Surviving Mars Global Steam
from  €4.63 €27.99
Dead Space 2 EN/DE/FR/IT/RU Global EA App
Mass Effect: Andromeda EN Global EA App
from  €19.88 €51.93
The Outer Worlds EU Epic Games
from  €18.62 €59.99
Spore EN/DE/FR/IT Global EA App
from  €15.07 €39.61
Prey 2017 EMEA Steam
from  €1.13 €21.20
Master of Orion 1+2 EN/DE/FR Global GOG
Planetbase EN/DE/FR/ES Global Steam
from  €4.72 €180.29
Mass Effect EN/DE/FR/IT Global EA App
from  €9.68 €101.68
Astroneer Global Steam Gift
from  €29.40 €44.47
Stationeers EU Steam Gift
from  €32.88
Space Haven EU Steam Gift
from  €17.62
Star Wars: Squadrons EN/PL Global EA App
Mass Effect 2 EN/DE/FR/IT Global EA App
Among Us EN/KO/PT/RU/ES Global Steam Gift
Outer Wilds EU Steam Gift
from  €13.65 €20.99
Master of Orion 3 EN Global GOG
from  €2.59 €8.39

Space video games

Humankind has always dreamt of reaching the stars and exploring what was beyond Earth. Pop culture has been reflecting this aspiration. Therefore, the action of countless books, movies, and video games is set in space. It's no surprise that some of the first big hits and groundbreaking games let players exploring the cosmos. There were Galaga, Space Invaders, or Rescue on Fractalus!, to mention only a few.

Also, modern video games allow us to visit distant worlds. Some of them, such as No Man's Sky, concentrates mostly on exploring planets and discovering new species. Other developers put emphasis on the story. If you're looking for a long and engaging adventure, Mass Effect would be a perfect choice for you. This series is considered among the best RPG.

Also, classic FPS Halo and frightening survival horror Dead Space 3 take us among the stars. Some games let you take this trip together with your friends. For instance, Lego: Star Wars is a joyful experience for kids and adults alike. There are more Star Wars games in our collection. Battlefront II, Jedi: Fallen Order, and Squadrons would be a great pick if you want to feel the force and fly all the way a galaxy far, far away.

Whatever you choose, put your space suit on, reload your laser gun and ignite rocket engines. We're leaving Earth and going to outer space! But stay vigilant because, in space, no one can hear you scream.