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description Description and requirements

Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order (Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order) is a spectacular production of action, which is set in the universe of Star Wars shortly after the events presented in the third episode of the series. Respawn Entertainment studio (Apex Legends, Titanfall series) and Electronic Arts are responsible for the preparation of the title. The game is the third major project related to the George Lucas brand, which was created after EA bought exclusive rights to the production of Star Wars games in the title.

The story presented in Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order takes place shortly after the events presented in the third episode of the Star saga. The players assume the role of a young Cala Kestis, a former padawan, who must hide his past from soldiers of the Galactic Empire, efficiently executing the Order 66 of Emperor Palpatine, ordering the killing of all Jedi knights.

Trying not to attract attention, Cal travels to the Outer Rim, to the planet Bracca, where he finds a job in the scrap metal guild, which dismantles the Republic ships used during the Clone Wars. Soon, however, he must escape again, when the imperial inquisitor, hunting for the Jedi scattered across the galaxy, finds his trail. On his way, however, he will meet unexpected allies, including a new mentor named Cere, as well as a faithful BD-1 droid.

Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order is an action adventure game in which we observe fun from a third person perspective. The gameplay model combines many elements known from other productions in the genre. During the game we use, among others from a complex combat system a lightsaber. This universe-specific weapon is changing and evolving with the hero. During duels, players can also create their own combinations of attacks, as well as use various Jedi abilities. However, it is not always wise to attract attention; sometimes it is better to use silent methods to eliminate opponents or to avoid clashes at all. Platform elements also play an important role. Thanks to the Force we can, for example, run on the walls or perform extremely high jumps.

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Wow,i love it.
this game is so fun
I play all day,i recommend to buy,you will love it
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I cant wait!

Omg, I cant wait! I'm very big fan of the Star Wars Series, video preview show me many curious aspects. Im sure - this Game will be GOT!
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Fast delivery, preloading right now, can't wait for his game!!!! Might finally be the first good star wars game in a long time.
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I just bought it and very fast delivery, and great game. Will buy again in the future
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Buggy but fun, great seller

I bought this from CDkeysdiscount and the transaction went smoothly, got my code in 3 mins and activated without an issue on origin.

As for the game, I've been waiting for a new star wars story game since the force unleashed which was a great game (not the second one).

This game delivers amazing graphics, great voice acting and a good storyline, I played for 3 hours last night and only just got off my first planet. It is very challenging with dark souls style combat and uncharted/tomb raider/assassin's creed style puzzles and a mass effect style story progression.

While the story and gameplay is amazing, the Devs need to work on the stuttering and freezes during cut scenes and gameplay (an issue present through both new battlefield) but I have faith in respawn as Titanfall and apex are both brilliant as a whole.

Highly reccomend but be prepared for a couple of performance issues.
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amazing Star Wars game have made

Over the years I have played many Star Wars games (all Jedi Knight, both KOTOR, both The Force Unleashed, for years SWTOR), I have played role-playing games, I have I have read almost all the books, I have seen all the movies and series ... in short, I am a follower of the saga, I love all the official lore (the latest movies do not follow that lore ...) and this game, Fallen Order , I loved it. You are Cal Kestis, a scrap dealer, a survivor who hides from the Empire, a Padawan with a great trauma by Order 66. After years of camouflaging yourself among the trash of planet Bracca, fate pushes you to do what you did not want to do: go out into the galaxy, face your ghosts and take your rightful place as a Jedi Knight. It is a game made for the current generation, a show game. Far are the Jedi Knight and the Kotor.
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An excellent Jedi adventure drawing influences from the best.

Enjoyable Souls-lite combat, a 3D metroidvania-style map, a strong narrative and great environments and visuals in a beloved universe make this game a particularly enjoyable experience!
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Amazing game

This game is so enjoyable even if you've never watched Star Wars. But if you do love Star Wars then this game is a must play for any Star Wars fan.
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The most waited game

Absolutly awesome game! Amazing graphics, cool story, something to play before the new star wars coming out.
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