Arcade Games

Arcade video games tend to lack real world mechanics. Due to that Arcade video games can get creative with gameplay mechanics and graphics. Arcade games are usually played with an arcade controller.

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Need for Speed: Unbound Global Steam
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Flatout - Complete Pack EN Global Steam
Deathloop EN Global Steam
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Wild Guns Reloaded EN Global Steam
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Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout Global Steam
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Need for Speed: Unbound Global EA App
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Forest Problems EN Global Steam
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GRID Legends EN Global Steam
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Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout EU Steam
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PAC-MAN Museum EN/DE/FR/IT/JA/ES Global Steam
Crazy Taxi EN/DE/FR/IT/ES Global Steam
Doom Eternal EN EU Nintendo Switch
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LEGO: 2K Drive EU Nintendo Switch
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Deathloop EN EU Steam
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Golazo! EN Argentina Xbox One Xbox Series


Remember the heart-pounding, pulse-racing thrill of sinking that last alien invader, hitting the perfect Pac-Man maze run, or zapping through neon-lit tracks in a virtual race? Welcome back to the nostalgic world of arcade video games! A realm where pixels meet passion, bringing timeless tales of heroism, challenge, and pure joy of gaming


What are arcade games?

Arcade games are the glittering gems of the gaming universe. Born in amusement arcades, they served as the bedrock of the digital gaming revolution. They encompass a broad range of genres, from shooter and fighting games to puzzle and racing wonders. Arcade games are known for their simple, yet exciting gameplay mechanics and their emphasis on high scores. 


Each game, encapsulated within a standalone machine, offers immersive experiences, often luring players into a mesmerizing dance of strategy, quick reflexes, and dexterity. While buying a whole arcade machine would probably be out of most gamers’ budgets, you can still play the games on your PC or console!


What makes arcade games still popular?

Arcade games are a vibrant celebration of simplicity and pure entertainment. They provide a much-needed break from the complexities of modern gaming, offering straightforward, instantly enjoyable gameplay. Coupled with their iconic visuals and unforgettable, catchy soundtracks, they make for an incredible sensory treat.


Arcade games evoke a sense of nostalgia, transporting us back to simpler times, while fostering a communal gaming experience often missed in today's era of online multiplayer. Whether you're reliving childhood memories or seeking a fresh gaming experience, the appeal of arcade games is undeniable.


What are the best arcade games?

Looking for a new arcade game to play? Let’s quickly review the classics:


  • Pac-Man (1980) - The quintessential arcade classic. As the yellow, pizza-shaped hero, players navigate through mazes, gobbling up pellets and avoiding colourful ghosts. Its simplicity, yet engaging gameplay, is why it remains a beloved classic.

  • Space Invaders (1978) - This iconic alien-blasting game pioneered the shooter genre. It is pixelated invaders and base defence mechanics have left an indelible mark on the industry.

  • Donkey Kong (1981) - Known for its tricky platforming gameplay and introducing the world to the character now known as Mario, this game continues to inspire and challenge players.

  • Street Fighter II (1991) - With its array of unique characters and special moves, Street Fighter II sparked the global fighting game phenomenon, a genre that remains popular to this day.

  • Tetris (1984) - The tile-matching puzzle game that transcends age and culture. The simple yet captivating task of slotting falling block shapes into neat lines is universally addictive.


Rediscover the charm of arcade games, an experience that transcends generations. Let's relive and reignite the golden age of gaming together!