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SMIB (Space Multitask Intelligent Bot) is a small and smart robot created by humans for critical missions. It can be sent to planets in diverse environments, being remotely monitored and controlled by operators on Earth.

Its current mission is the most important so far: a strange syndrome is threatening people all over planet Earth - they are not able to smile anymore!

Scientists have developed a formula that can be the cure. The problem is: its components can only be found in distant planets.

So now SMIB will be sent to these planets and you, as the most senior operator, recruited back from retirement due to your unique familiarity with SMIB, will have to program it, defining its movements and actions so that it completes his tasks safely.

Carefully analyze each scenario and plan the route by using the limited supply of energy, the strategic recharge stations, and the special tools.

  • In each new Area, SMIB will show up in a position far from the exit. The player will have to program it to reach the exit successfully.
  • Gameplay has two phases: in the planning phase, SMIB is on hold, the player analyzes the Area and places the commands where appropriate.
  • Programming is made by placing, along SMIB's previewed path, commands like: change direction, jump, push an object, among others.
  • Once planning is complete, the player presses the Play button, and the Execution phase begins: SMIB starts moving ahead until it reaches a command placed by the player, executes the command and goes on, until reaching another command, an obstacle, or (hopefully!) the exit.
  • But be careful: SMIB battery has a limited capacity of executing commands: if the number of available commands is not enough to reach the exit, planning has to aim to reach one of the intermediate recharge stations available in the scenes. Once recharged, plan the next path to finally reach the exit.
  • Each different planet will have a sequence of Areas, and the desired formula component will be found in the final Area.

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