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Why you should buy Planet Coaster 

  • You enjoy construction and management simulation games. 
  • You wish to design your own amusement park. 
  • You’d like to share your creations with the community around the world. 

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Planet Coaster

Planet Coaster is a construction and management simulation video game developed by Frontier Developments and available for PC as well as PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox SX consoles. Become the best manager and design the most exciting and fun amusement park in the world. Let your creative side shine and bring the wildest rides to life and share them with other players in the Planet Coaster community. Enjoy the freedom of building, sculpting, and customizing. 

Create your dream coaster park

Planet Coaster lets you design your dream coaster park. First, play with the shape of the landscape to suit your needs. Then, start the fun by building the rides, such as Ferris wheel and extremely fast rollercoasters with many loops, spins, and slopes. Lay paths, add decorations and build souvenir shops to attract more customers. Planet Coaster can be played in three ways: by completing creative scenarios, building freely in a sandbox mode, or taking a more challenging campaign with different difficulty settings. 

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Fun for everyone 

Run your park to the best of your ability and watch it grow. Earn more money and use it to build new rides, food stands, restrooms, and plenty of decorative items, to make your amusement park more inviting for the customers. Each visitor is unique, from teenagers to adults and families with children. They have different tastes, expectations, and most importantly - budget. Decide on the price of every attraction. Attract more customers by buying advertising campaigns and make sure to test new rides to see if they are safe.  

Planet Coaster community 

Although Planet Coaster doesn’t have a traditional multiplayer mode, it links players from around the world with the Steam Workshop community hub. Share your own creations with others and watch them appear in amusement parks all over the world. Trade rollercoasters, parks, and more! Browse through the content provided by your favorite creators and download whatever your park needs. 

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Planet Coaster features

  • Managing your own amusement park,
  • Building and decorating,
  • Designing rides,
  • Many ways to play,
  • Steam Workshop community hub.

PC system requirements

  Minimum requirements Recommended requirements
System Windows 7/8.1/10, 64-bit Windows 7/8.1/10, 64-bit
Processor Intel i5-2300/AMD FX-4300 
Intel i7-4770/AMD FX-8350
Graphics card    Nvidia GTX 560 (2GB)/AMD Radeon 7850 (2GB) 
Nvidia GTX 980 (4GB)/AMD R9 380 (4GB) 
RAM 8 GB 12 GB
Drive Space 8 GB 8 GB
Other DirectX 11 DirectX 11

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