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PhaseWorm might initially look like a game that you've seen before. The first few stages will introduce you to movement mechanics that seem straightforward. Next, we'll introduce Phasing. Phasing allows you to match the color of the environmental tiles in order to pass through them. The addition of the one-time passthrough concrete (or grey) tiles adds the additional challenging of carefully planning your path through the grid.

Story mode will take you through an increasingly difficult and complex set of 30 themed levels, each with a unique layout. PhaseWorm incorporates a medal system to track your best times on each level. Getting more advanced medals requires more frequent and precise phases. Getting the platinum times on many of these levels will prove to be very challenging.

Apples have been carefully placed to challenge the player to build their skills. Let's look at the end of "The Desert Oasis". If you're going for the silver medal, you might phase to yellow and go around the center. If you're pushing for the gold, you can try to go through the grey tiles and phase green while inside them. If you want that platinum medal though, you're going to have to Phase perfectly from yellow to green, then quickly to blue and back to green.

Clearing the later stages is really tough, and aquiring the medals for these stages is a big achievement that will push the envelope for elite players.


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