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description Description and requirements

Mechone is a 3D Real-time Strategy Game based on Four races. the Pyrolytes, the Semitrytes, the Hydrolytes and the Uncronytes. you have to use platforms to move and traverse the game. you can use and target your units in a strategic placement like chess. its not a management game. its not a dialogue-driven game. its not even wa walk and start shooting game. this is a new genre of strategy game.

The opponent of this game is a strategic Ai. there are four cults to choose from. the Enemies strategize their attack and an in a unique way they play against you. You will face a strategic tactical environment in this game. there are up to 3 enemies depending on the level maps. You will be playing against a computer rather than a human opponent as it is not a multiplayer game. the Multiplayer is not featured due to the overuse of player-to-player interaction and the lack of building features in the games like most RTS.

The gameplay of this game is to choose the turn-based strategical placement of your character. you can do one thing at a time and wait for the opponent to make its move. the game is depended on the resources and the battles effect the player's ability. you can call in your other corporals in this game through the hub and up to 13 players you can play against an enemy. It is not in the number but how you play the game. there are 4 players in this game depending on the map.
You can make allies with two of them and ensure your victory.

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