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Why you should buy Ghost Giant VR 

  • You’re looking for a fun VR game. 
  • You’d like to become a helpful giant ghost.
  • You wish to experience a heartwarming and enchanting friendship story. 

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Ghost Giant VR

Ghost Giant is a heartwarming VR game developed by Zoink Games. As the titular Ghost Giant, you have to take care of a small cat boy called Louis. But first, you have to gain his trust – you’re a scary giant ghost after all. Enjoy the touching story about friendship, courage, and life written by an internationally known author, Sara B. Elfgren. 

When you feel sad and lonely

Louis is a small boy living with his mom in a miniature village of Sancourt. One day, when he feels really sad and lonely, a big ghost appears to help him get through life’s obstacles. Take on the role of the Ghost Giant from the first person point of view, and gain Louis’ trust. Explore Sancourt and meet all its citizens. Even though only Louis can see you, you can help them with various challenging tasks and puzzles that will require logical thinking. Discover all secrets the village hides. 

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A friendship may come when you least expect it 

Start a unique friendship between a giant ghost and a small boy in this immersive VR story, and break the fourth wall between a protagonist and a player. Take part in the citizens’ everyday life and interact with various objects. Move roofs, rotate houses and pick cars from the street. In this unique VR story, everything is possible. 

A beautiful tale

Ghost Giant is a heartwarming story about friendship and overcoming life obstacles, small and big. The puzzles and tasks are challenging enough for players of all ages. Enjoy the beautiful cartoonish graphic design inspired by the developers’ childhood memories and toys. Let the enchanting soundtrack immerse you deeper into this fairytale-like world.  

Buy Ghost Giant VR on GAMIVO

Ghost Giant VR features   

  • Exploring the Sancourt village,
  • Helping Louis and other citizens with their tasks,
  • Solving puzzles,
  • Immersive and touching VR story,
  • Beautiful visuals and an enchanting soundtrack.



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