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Dynamic co-op

In the cooperative action RPG game, Gatewalkers, gamers travel across different worlds in order to save their own. Up to four players can team up in this team-based survival game, fighting fearsome monsters and following the orders of the Guild as they try to stay alive. In this game, players use their skills in action RPG and survival gameplay to overcome the obstacles that stand in their way.

Dynamically generated worlds

Every time you pass through the Gate in this game, you will arrive in a different world that has been generated using a set of predetermined rules. This feature offers endless opportunities, constant challenges, and requires you to adapt to changing conditions in order to succeed. Be cautious and ready to modify your strategy and make quick decisions, as you never know what dangers may be lurking around the corner.

As you explore the distinctive terrain, plants, and creatures in these procedurally generated worlds, you may discover new resources and crafting materials. However, you must also be prepared to face various environmental hazards, such as toxic or unbreathable atmospheres, terrifying darkness, and extreme cold. Each type of world introduces its own survival mechanic that requires you to adapt in order to survive. Finding food, water, or even materials to start a fire may be difficult, so it's important to carefully consider what to bring with you on your journey through the unknown.

Gameplay and mechanics

In this game, there are no predetermined character classes. Instead, the items you equip give you a unique set of skills, allowing you to experiment with different builds. For example, you could choose heavy armor and a healing staff to support your teammates in the front line by tanking and restoring health. Remember that the items you wear can greatly affect your abilities in the game.

Gatewalkers features isometric, skill-based combat that does not use auto-targeting. This means that your skills may miss their target, and you can dodge enemy attacks. Success in combat depends on good positioning, balanced use of skills, proper timing, and team synergy. 

For making your survival rate better, use the crafting system. To craft items in the game, you must first choose an item to craft, discover the appropriate recipe, gather the required resources by raiding different worlds, find or create a crafting station, and then build the item and use it.


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