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Combat Mission Cold War

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Why you should buy Combat Mission: Cold War

  • You played other titles from the Combat Mission series.
  • You’d like to lead the USA and Soviet armies through the cold war battlefields. 
  • You enjoy both single and multiplayer. 

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Combat Mission: Cold War

Combat Mission: Cold War is a strategy wargame developed by Battlefront. The game is yet another installment of a successful Combat Mission series, known from such titles as Combat Mission: Shock Force, Combat Mission: Shock Force 2, and Combat Mission: Black Sea, to name a few. Face the realities of the cold war and see how your decisions change the course of history. 

Step into the battlefield 

Combat Mission: Cold War is set between 1979 and 1982 and offers three campaigns, two of which take place in West Germany, and 15 scenarios with different scale battles. Lead the USA or the Soviet army, designed with historical accuracy and attention to detail, making the game ever-so realistic. Choose from a plethora of vehicles and weapons from the era, such as the M48, M60, and M150 series of tanks or the F-4 Phantom and A-7 Corsair aircraft. Combat Mission: Cold War is just the game for any history geek who wants to find out what would have happened if a different strategy or armor had been used during the cold war. 

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Assemble your team

Combat Mission: Cold War is all about realism. Not only your soldiers’ skills but also their mental and physical health will contribute to the victory of the formation, so keep that in mind. See how the weapons change throughout the passing time. Enjoy the innovations on the battlefield, like the Single and Dual-Purpose Improved Cluster Munitions. Play through the campaigns alone, or team up with friends in a hot-seat multiplayer mode or the play-by-email multiplayer mode. Step into the realistic 3D battlefield and make decisions that will change the course of the cold war. 

Combat Mission: Cold War features

  • Three full campaigns,
  • 15 scenarios,
  • Historically-accurate weapons and vehicles,
  • Single and Dual-Purpose Improved Cluster Munitions,
  • Multiplayer modes. 

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PC system requirements

  Minimum requirements Recommended requirements
System Windows 10 Windows 10
Processor Pentium IV 1.8 GHz or equivalent speed AMD processor 
Pentium IV 2.8 GHz or equivalent speed AMD processor or better
Graphics card    256 MB VRAM or better and must support 1024x768 or higher resolution in OpenGL 
1 GB VRAM or better and must support 1024x768 or higher resolution in OpenGL 
Drive Space 10 GB 12 GB
Other The game does not work in a virtualized environment The game does not work in a virtualized environment

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