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Breakout Planet

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What is Breakout Planet? Breakout Planet is a sci-fi story driven stealth based game where you will encounter many different enemies who will require you to plan and strategize before making a move. But don’t take too long! You are working against the clock as your only hopes of getting of the planet will be leaving before you know it!Luckily you will have an arsenal of abilities which you will use to sneak past the enemies or take them out. It is your choice, as is the route which you take to get to the finishing line.

Who do you play as in Breakout Planet? You play as Imo, a human who has known nothing but slavery her whole life but has been struck by good fortune and given an opportunity to escape from captivity. Unfortunately for Imo, the crash has damaged her body a lot so getting back on her feet will be difficult.An alien lifeform only known as Binkii has taken an interest in Imo and will be accompanying her on her journey to escape. Little is known about this lifeform, apart from it is able to survive through symbiosis with different hosts.

  • Entertaining story and gameplay
  • Bright and vibrant art style
  • Replay-ability through different difficulties
  • Speed runner friendly
  • Multiple approaches to completing levels

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