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The Game Arctic Anxiety is a survival simulator in extreme conditions. Actions take place in the Arctic Ocean. The main character of the game is a pilot of a cargo plane that gets into a storm and makes a hard landing on water.

After several hours of sailing in the ocean, life raft with the character it turns out at small group of islands. To survive, you have to build a reliable raft.

The player will have to search for the cargo thrown ashore and use it for survival.

  • Survival
    In game has a complex survival system. The character has characteristics: health, cold, thirst, getting wet, hunger, stamina, oxygen, weight of portable things, sleep. These characteristics affect each other.
  • Building system
    Create Rafts to explore the Islands. In Arctic severe weather conditions. It cold, often rains and blows a strong wind. To protect yourself from this, you can build shelters and bases.
  • Hunting and cooking
    System of hunting and cooking. Bad weather is not the only threat to the main character. In order not to die of hunger, you will have to hunt and cook food on a fire. But do not forget that you are also hunted.
  • Cold
    The main danger in the game is cold. In order not to freeze, the player will have to collect fuel for the fire. Avoid falling into the water and rain. Getting wet will cause rapid cooling and death. Also, the cooling influences of wind power.
  • Sleep
    It is necessary to sleep periodically. You can sleep by the fire, in a life raft and other shelters. Sleep restores your maximum stamina. If the sleep indicator falls to a minimum, the character will lose consciousness and will not be able to Wake up until sleep is restored. During sleep, all characteristics continue to shrink. If you lose consciousness with a low level of health, the character will die.
  • Loot
    To survive, you need to collect things floating in the water and washed up on the shore. These are mostly boxes of items. Almost all items can be used as fuel for a fire.
  • Craft
    No survival game can do without crafting. In the game, you can create various items for survival from found items.
  • Weather
    The game has a weather system. Periodically it will rain, the strength and direction of the wind changes, and at night it becomes even colder. All this affects the characteristics of the main character. Bad weather is better to wait out in the shelter.

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