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All spooky and scary stuff will be found here! If you are a fan of the blood-chilling games then this is a place for you! Horror video games usually are story-rich with great puzzles. It's not only about getting scared, but surviving the monsters!

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At its core, horror games are designed to provoke fear, which might not seem like an enjoyable pastime at first. There is, however, a strange alluring appeal in horror video games. The question then becomes: why do we seek out experiences that are intended to unsettle and frighten us?


The answer lies in our basic human psychology. We enjoy the sensation of danger without the real-world risk - the adrenaline rush, the tense heartbeat, and the satisfaction of surviving a scary ordeal. That is the primary allure of horror games - and here at GAMIVO, we’ve prepared just the right collection of equally frightening and enjoyable horror games.


Why do we play horror games?

Horror video games offer an escape into unknown worlds where players can face their fears in a controlled environment. They allow us to confront the most primal aspects of fear and terror while providing a sense of accomplishment and mastery once these challenges are overcome. Horror games stimulate our problem-solving skills and creativity, as they frequently involve complex puzzles and strategic gameplay combined. The thrill of overcoming fear paired with challenges that get your gears turning is what makes horror games so incredibly popular.


What are the most popular horror games?

  • Silent Hill - Developed by Konami, the Silent Hill series is one of the largest titans of horror video games, renowned for its ability to blend psychological horror with deeply personal narratives. Since its first release in 1999, the series has stood out as a unique and artful take on horror that delves deep into the human psyche.

  • Resident Evil - Produced by Capcom, the Resident Evil series has been synonymous with the term “survival horror” since its first entry in 1996. Over the years, the franchise has grown extensively over the years, evolving its gameplay mechanics, narrative elements, and graphical fidelity.

  • Outlast - Released in 2013 by Red Barrels, Outlast came onto the horror video game scene with a deafening shriek, quickly gaining recognition for its intense, unrelenting atmosphere and a chilling narrative that takes players deep into the bowels of Mount Massive Asylum. What sets Outlast apart from many other titles is its emphasis on pure survival - you have no weapons and no abilities to help you, only a camcorder and your own wit.

  • Dead by Daylight - Dead by Daylight is a unique take on a horror video game that emphasizes multiplayer competition and cooperation. The game delivers a tension-filled experience where players must outwit and outrun not only the game’s AI, but also other human players. In its asymmetrical gameplay, one player assumes the role of the Killer, whose objective is to hunt down and eliminate other Survivors.

  • Dead Space - The Dead Space series is the pinnacle of sci-fi horror, blending together elements of survival, action, and psychological horror into a compelling and terrifying journey through the farthest reaches of space. Set in a grim future where humanity’s struggle for resources leads to deep-space exploration, players will control Isaac Clarke - an everyman engineer thrust into the midst of a horrifying nightmare.

  • Amnesia - Being one of the most revered names in the annals of horror video games, Amnesia revolutionized the genre with its focus on immersive exploration, psychological horror, and the feeling of helplessness, offering a gameplay experience that was as terrifying as it was innovative. In Amnesia, players will have to avoid and hide from various grotesque monsters, without any ability to fight back, while keeping their sanity at bay.

What types of horror games are there?

Though we often bundle all horror games together, there are many distinctions between them that separate them into unique genres. The “survival horror” genre, which includes titles like Resident Evil and Dead Space, pits the player against insurmountable odds, with limited resources and imposing foes, which adds to the sense of vulnerability and anxiety.


The “psychological horror” games like Silent Hill or Amnesia: The Dark Descent delve deep into the human psyche, exposing players to surreal experiences that toy with their perception and challenge their sanity.


Finally, for those looking for more dynamic gameplay, “action horror” games like Left 4 Dead or Dying Light offer an adrenaline-fueled blend of horror and action, giving the player means to fight back against the terrifying threats they face (usually in the form of a firearm).