Best of 2018 Collection

A selection of hand-picked best games of 2018 by GAMIVO. 2018 brought a bunch of excellent games to the table. Firstly, Read Dead Redemption 2, a slow-paced western, its release was kind of unexpected by Rockstar Studios. Up there, there is also a God of War, a continuation of the story of Kratos, a greek half-god, which only purpose in life is to kill other gods. These two made for a pretty good year for consoles, yet PC did not stay far behind. Rust and Surviving Mars, although not being developed by the biggest players out there, also shaped out to be great, time-consuming games.

Number of products: 55
Dark Souls Remastered EN Global Steam
from  €13.68 €125.11
Red Dead Redemption 2 Global Rockstar
from  €14.84 €59.99
Monster Hunter: World Global Steam
from  €5.69 €59.99
Overcooked! 2 EN Global Steam
from  €2.47 €22.99
Northgard Global Steam
from  €5.66 €29.99
Dead Cells Global Steam
from  €5.66 €19.99
A Way Out EN/DE/FR/PT/ES Global EA App
Subnautica Global Steam
from  €23.76 €28.80
Final Fantasy XV Windows Edition Global Steam
Wreckfest Global Steam
from  €6.02 €39.99
Frostpunk EN/DE/FR/PL/RU/ZH/ES Global Steam
Gal Gun 2 EN/JA/KO/ZH Global Steam
from  €0.51 €39.99
Conan Exiles Global Steam
from  €4.27 €29.99
Surviving Mars Global Steam
from  €4.49 €27.99
Call of Cthulhu Global Steam
from  €3.03 €44.99
Dragon Ball FighterZ EN/DE/FR Global Steam
The Banner Saga 3 Global Steam
from  €5.20 €33.44
Soulcalibur VI Global Steam
from  €2.52 €39.99
Iconoclasts EN/DE/FR/JA/ES Global Steam
FAR: Lone Sails Global Steam
from  €0.60 €18.97
Sword Art Online: Fatal Bullet Global Steam
Battlefield 5 Global EA App
from  €5.99 €59.99
A Way Out EN Global Xbox One Xbox Series
Unravel Two EN/DE/FR/IT/ES Global EA App
Shadow of the Tomb Raider Global Steam
Just Cause 4 - Reloaded Global Steam
from  €4.48 €39.99
Thronebreaker: The Witcher Tales Global GOG
Rust EN Global Steam
from  €45.03 €97.48

Collection of the best of 2018 from GAMIVO.

Red Dead Redemption 2 is the one true king of 2018. Squeezing PS4 and Xbox One to their max. Although it's much different from Rockstar's usual action-filled GTA games, it's also exceptional. Stroll calmly on your loyal horse through unsafe Wild West as Arthur Morgan a wanted outcast. Raid trains and duel your opponents, just a normal day-to-day business on Wild West.

Sony waited to the end of a generation to give us, truly two gems in form of God of War and Marvel's Spider-Man. Kratos, this time with his son at his side, seeks a peaceful life in the Norse realm. Yet this time it's Odin, Thor and Baldur are the gods that bother him. And you can be sure, Ghost of Sparta might be asleep, he's still in there lurking for a perfect moment to strike. This adventure-RPG will help you get into a Norsk Mythology.

Spider-Man got a little forgotten in the past years. But he came back will a stomp. Action-adventure acrobatic game with perfectly mapped New York, lets you eliminate enemies in the most thoughtful way.