Anime Games Collection

What's better than reading manga or watching anime? Playing as your beloved characters! Anime Games have taken the world more than anyone expected! The anime style has become so popular over the last several years that it has entered computer games for good, enjoying the eye of the fandoms of all kinds of comic books and animated series from Japan. Characteristic eyes, full of emotions, a unique palette of colors or dere type characters can be found in action games, strategies, horror movies, RPGs, and many others - anime-style has no boundaries in this matter! Find the best combos of genres in Anime Games for yourself with our collection for PCs, Xbox, Nintendo, and Playstation!

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Code Vein Global Steam
from  €2.18 €59.99
God Eater 3 Global Steam
from  €0.92 €59.99
Tales of Zestiria EN Global Steam
from  €2.12 €11.28
Aragami EN/DE/FR/IT/PL/JA Global Steam
Scarlet Nexus Global Steam
from  €5.92 €49.99
Sonic Forces EN/DE/FR/IT/JA/ES Global Steam
Disgaea 5 Complete EN/FR/JA Global Steam
Dragon Ball FighterZ EN/DE/FR Global Steam
Aragami: Nightfall DLC Global Steam
from  €0.61 €9.99
Furi EN/DE/FR/IT Global Steam
from  €4.12 €12.79
Jump Force Ultimate Edition Global Steam
from  €156.95 €225.05
One Piece: Burning Blood Global Steam
from  €1.17 €49.99
Valkyria Chronicles EN/JA Global Steam
Bayonetta EN EU Nintendo Switch
from  €24.46 €71.12
Sword Art Online: Fatal Bullet Global Steam
Puyo Puyo Tetris EN Global Steam
from  €5.24 €14.99
Disgaea 2 EN/JA Global Steam
from  €4.35 €19.99
Aragami Shadow Edition Global Steam
from  €3.91 €24.88
Valkyria Chronicles 4 Global Steam
from  €10.54 €59.99
Jump Force Global Steam
from  €146.99
One Piece: World Seeker Global Steam
from  €2.42 €49.99

Anime Games Collection

Although the creators of Anime Games still eagerly reach for the most popular Japanese comic book titles and create games such as One Piece: Pirate Warrior 4 or Dragon Ball: FighterZ, the anime style has spread much more widely in the entertainment of computer games. More and more indie developers are reaching for an attractive manga line, creating unique titles!

Cartoons' graphic style, storyline based on the epic fight between good and evil, characters with amplified personality traits making advanced moral choices, alongside awkward situations in ecchi comedies, absurd plot twists, and specific anime cliche are great material to create a fantastic game!

Whether you are a Japanese culture veteran or a complete layman, Gamivo gives you the opportunity to play Anime Games at the best prices!