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WoW World of Warcraft: Shadowlands

4.2 /5 (5 reviews)
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World of Warcraft: Shadowlands video game

King of MMORPGs is back with another amazing expansion. WoW fans around the world were waiting patiently for this DLC. Shadowland redefines life and death of Azeroth, walk beyond the realm of mortals and visit the Shadowlands - a place for every mortal soul. This dimension is not keen for the mortals so be prepared to face off powerful enemies. Uncover its mysteries and find riches from beyond the mortal realm.

World of Warcraft: Shadowlands will provide you with countless hours of additional gameplay. Every WoW veteran will find something to their liking. Hardcore MMORPG players that love raiding will enjoy the addition of 8 new dungeons. One of them will be the procedurally generated Tower of the Damned that will be endlessly replayable. RP players will find enjoy the sights of new cities and taverns where they will be able to meet up with other players, chat with them and socialize.

Torghast - Tower of the damned

Torghast is a home of the most dangerous souls in the cosmos, they are damned to be imprisoned there forever. Azeroth's greatest heroes were trapped in the tower and it is your duty to free them before the Jailer perishes their very souls. This task will not be easy - every time a soul enters the prison it will be automatically modified. Players will enjoy the endless dungeon that can be replayed countless times and the Jailer will have fun toying with them.

The Covenants:

Mysterious sects of Azeroth, each has its own ambition for the Shadowlands - to restore the balance. Buying the key on GAMIVO will grant you access to the Covenant's Sanctum, where you will accept unique quests, undertake various missions and face off different difficulties. Each covenant will grant you a different set of abilities, a special mount and visual appearance. Choice of the covenant will greatly impact your gameplay so be sure to pick the right one!


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Reviews (5)

f..l@gmail.comReview date: 23.11.2020
User bought WoW World of Warcraft: Shadowlands EU from:
what to say about a game that has been at the fore for more than 15 years in the world of RPPMORG. The beta was really spectacular. You have to align with one of four Covenants. I played with the Ventyr that are eaters of sin who harvest anima from wicked souls. You have to do quest to win mor power for the character and more stamina. Also you win token to buy better gear. In my opinion this expansion is much better than than Battle For Azeroth.
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t..r@gmail.comReview date: 28.04.2020
This expansion seems to he really cool, they heard the community and are doing nice changes to the game, also pvp vendors gonna be added to the game so if you like pvp this expansion could please you!
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Harlekyn Review date: 27.09.2020
Played this game for 10 years an it is still fun. Many games come and go but wow has stood the test of time and most players always come back to explore this games epic lore and fun game play.
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lesparkReview date: 02.01.2020
User bought WoW World of Warcraft: Shadowlands EU from:
A great RPG MMO with an amazing lore and an amazing leveling phase. The end-game is already complete and the player has quite a lot of choices. Very good job by Blizzard, we need more deep mechanics and not more races and classes.
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sulinarusReview date: 28.06.2021
User bought WoW World of Warcraft: Shadowlands EU from:
I`ve been wondering if it`s worth to buy, but i can`t stop grinding now! Seems pretty decent by now!
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