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Valorant Gift Card 2330 Riot Points EU

This is a restricted product and it can be activated ONLY on the EU server.

The Riot Points will be converted into Valorant points using the correct conversion rate (same value).

Buy Valorant Gift Card 2330 Riot Points EU Prepaid CD Key

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description Description and requirements

This adds 2330 Riot Points to your account (Valorant Points will be converted using the correct rate).

Valorant is a first-person hero shooter. In this game, two teams of 5 agents fight against each other. Each agent has a unique set of abilities. Consequently, players must use them smartly to help their team win. Creativity is as important as firepower! 

Although the game itself is free to play, many useful items could be purchased in the in-game store. You need a virtual currency called Valorant Points (VP) to buy them.

By far, the easiest way to get a lot of Riot Points/Valorant Points is to buy them. A prepaid card is a very convenient way to do it because it does require neither a credit card nor a bank account. You just have to provide the card's number in the in-client store.

Valorant Points (VP) can be used to:

  • unlock levels, 
  • purchase new visual effects, 
  • purchase audio, 
  • purchase animations, 
  • purchase unique finisher variants 
  • purchase weapon skins.

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