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Buy Time Ramesside: A New Reckoning Global Steam

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MGG Studio
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We are under going the Remake of T.R at this time. Over the next couple of weeks you will see massive amounts of updates. We will have a new build up and running within the next 24 hours. The game has already changed drastically and for the better. You now play as a 3rd person/FPS view. We have really slowed down the game play, and really have made this a very creepy survival horror game. Gabby now plays a huge role in the game as well, and will continue to do so throughout the series.

The community has spoken, and it is a bout time we got are foot in gear and did something about it.

T.R Will now offer you dark creepy areas, where only a flashlight tied to your hip and 2 of your weapons will only be able to see the light of day, in most areas. Play as Mark Forah a former scientist who created an Obelisk that could harness energy from organic objects and use that energy into the newest power source for the world! Soon after his discovery Mark was taken along with his daughter to a research faculty, where he was demanded to show them how he created the Obelisk. After his refusal, his daughter was used as a bargaining chip, which they went to far on and injected his daughter from the Obelisk harnest energy.


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