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The Dealer

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MGG Studio

MGG Studio

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The Dealer is a dialogue driven game where you play as a street dealer in Winterfield, the most troubled city in the fictional version of the United States, set against catastrophic economic and political situation, and looming civil war. After losing poker game with the local mob boss, you are given 10 days to get 10000$, otherwise you are dead. Left without job because of mass layoffs in the city and blacklisted from every bank and credit service out there, your only choice is to ask your shady friend, Lenny, for help. With his support, you have to dive deep into the world of spontaneous trade in order to survive. You need to sell everything you can get, from bottle caps to drugs and guns, to different strangers; face hard moral decisions; avoid cops and dangerous customers; pay the rent; and also deal with the increasingly difficult political situation in the country that directly affects both your life and the city.

  • Story Mode. You have 10 days to get 10000$. You need to sell everything you can get to different strangers, avoid cops and pay the rent in order to survive as things in the city get worse and worse. Early Access version includes the first 4 days of Story Mode.
  • Survival Mode. Survive as long as you can in an increasingly challenging and hostile environment.
  • Dialogue System with a wide variety of interactions and potential choices. A mix of scripted and non-scripted dialogues.
  • Morality System. The way you treat customers affects both gameplay and the game's ending.
  • Political Events System. One of the core features of the game that makes it more diverse and increasingly challenging.
  • Many different characters, both procedural and handmade.
  • Lots of different items with 3 levels of rarity.
  • Dark humor.
  • Multiple endings. (will be available in full release)
  • Developed by one person.
  • You can sell bottle caps for 100$ and even the customer's own hand if he's high with the power of conviction!

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MGG Studio
MGG Studio
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