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Stronghold 2 - Steam Edition allows players to experience true ‘castle life’ gameplay. Entertain your subjects or rule with an iron fist, dispensing medieval justice to overworked and malnourished peasants. With powerful barons jostling for power over a disintegrating kingdom, it is up to you to stem the tides of ambition and unite the land under the one true King! With an intricate economy, siege warfare, crime and punishment systems and classic medieval events, this highly anticipated sequel to the award-winning Strongholdcomes packed with new additions to classic Stronghold gameplay.

  • Stronghold Reforged – Enjoy Steam multiplayer, Workshop, achievements, visual enhancements, new maps and more!
  • The rule as You Desire – Rehabilitate or simply execute thieving peasants using everything from gibbets to gallows!
  • Simulate Castle Life – Duel inside buildings, hold lavish banquets or build a war economy and lay siege to rival lords.
  • Take the Crown – Gain Honour by title, strategy or force and dominate the new ‘Kingmaker’ skirmish mode.
  • Craft Custom Maps – Create and share custom scenarios via Steam Workshop using the in-game map editor.
  • Besiege Your Friends – Battle up to eight players online in Kingmaker and Deathmatch game modes.

Steam Edition

Building on the sim gameplay of the original Stronghold, Stronghold 2 allows players to rule as they please and still conquer each skirmish. Unhappy peasants turn to crime and must be punished, rival lords can raise entire armies on their title alone and sieges must be fought tooth and nail, with close combat taking place inside castle structures! Stronghold 2 Online extends this gameplay to competitive multiplayer for up to eight players over Steam, with offline skirmish mode also available against computer-controller opponents.

Created exclusively for Steam, Stronghold 2: Steam Edition comes with Steam multiplayer support, achievements, a new map pack, digital art book, soundtrack and trading cards. The Steam Edition also updates Stronghold 2 with full Steam Workshop integration, allowing to you easily create and share custom maps with friends. Recreate iconic real-life castles, battlegrounds from medieval history and scenes from your favorite fantasy epic!

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Nice strategy game

Its just something magic about the mood of this game that makes me happy every time I turn it on.
Stronghold 2 was the greatest of them all.
If only they worked on that version, and improoved it, instead of making all these other crappy versions, my life would be perfect :)
Thumbs up for STRONGHOLD! A bang for the buck!
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Decent RTS/castle manager

Stronghold 2 is a sequel to a classic RTS Stronghold. Unlike the previous games, Stronghold 2 is in full 3D. The new feature include feasts, honour system, estates and other addons such as crime, waste and rat management. You can now make specific food items for feasts which produce large amount of honour which is used to recruit some units or rank up in Kingmaker (skirmish) mode. Estates are independent lands that you can own and that can send you more resources. You now need to place waste & rat management building around your castle in order not to get negative happiness and some of your peasants can become thief and steal from your granary.
In my opinion the combat side wasn't that great, but I liked the castle management.
Recently it was rereleased on Steam and now supports Steam multiplayer & workshop.
Overall I can recommend you try it out if you want to manage your own castle.
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