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Tribute Games inc.


Zenovia Interactive

Release date:




Retro Platformer

In this 16-bit retro-style action platformer, players take on the role of Taro Takahashi, a soldier in the resistance fighting against a ruthless dictator in a post-apocalyptic America. As Taro, you embark on a mission of revenge, using your skills and determination to bring down the oppressive regime.


The gameplay of this action platformer is fast-paced and dynamic, with fluid side-scrolling combat. Taro possesses a stylish moveset, allowing players to punch, whip, and utilize a unique zipline action. The zipline mechanic adds a fresh twist to classic grappling-hook mechanics, enabling exciting movement options and creative approaches to both combat and exploration.

16-bit art style

The game's visual style captures the essence of 16-bit post-apocalyptic aesthetics, featuring detailed pixel art that brings the sci-fi world to life. The accompanying FM-synthesized tunes provide a fiery and immersive soundtrack, enhancing the nostalgic experience. With a focus on delivering a classic gaming experience, the game offers beautifully hand-crafted stage-based action. The developers have optimized the screen resolution for CRT gaming, offering an authentic retro feel for players seeking that nostalgic touch.

Key features:

  • Engage in fast-paced 2D platforming, experiencing dynamic and fluid side-scrolling combat with a wide range of moves and a variety of enemies and bosses to battle against.
  • Utilize a unique zipline mechanic that adds a fresh twist to traditional grappling-hook gameplay, offering exciting opportunities for creative movement.
  • Immerse yourself in a visually stunning 16-bit post-apocalyptic world, brought to life through detailed pixel art and accompanied by captivating FM-synthesized music.
  • Relive the nostalgia of classic gaming with meticulously crafted stage-based action, designed to provide an optimal experience on CRT screens.
  • Challenge yourself with an arcade-style gameplay that offers a satisfying level of difficulty. Choose to enjoy a quick playthrough on an easier mode or put your skills and resilience to the ultimate test in the challenging 1-credit-clear Arcade Mode.

Available languages

EnglishGermanFrenchItalianJapanesePortugueseSimplified ChineseSpanish


esrb rating:

EVERYONE 10+Content is generally suitable for ages 10 and up. May contain more cartoon, fantasy or mild violence, mild language and/or minimal suggestive themes.


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