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Yacht Club Games


Yacht Club Games

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Shovel Knight: Shovel of Hope

A grand, iconic action-adventure title with fantastic gameplay, lovable characters, and an 8-bit throwback look is Shovel Knight. A sizzling mix of the new and the classic! You take control of the titular Shovel Knight, a diminutive warrior on a challenging mission. In this region, Shovel Knight has two objectives: to vanquish the terrible Enchantress and find his long-lost love. He is armed with a shovel blade, a multifunctional weapon whose secrets have long since been forgotten. Shovel Knight is a brilliant example of the Shovelry code: Slash Mercilessly and Dig Tirelessly! He is always sincere and helpful.

The Order of No Quarter

But a group of evil knights stand between Shovel Knight and his lady. These terrifying adversaries, known as The Order of No Quarter, have been sent to stop Shovel Knight from getting to the Enchantress, and they will stop at nothing to accomplish their goal. If you enjoy video games with flawless platforming, gorgeous artwork, catchy music, endearing bosses, lightheartedness, and genuine emotion... Here is Shovel Knight for you!

Shovel Knight: Shovel of Hope - key features:

  • Design, artwork, and audio are reminiscent of the 8-bit era.
  • Modern features such as intricate animation, multiple parallax backgrounds, and innovative game design.
  • Platforming challenges.
  • Jake "Virt" Kaufman's and Manami Matsumae's awesome soundtrack.
  • Build up your wealth to buy better armor and weapons.
  • Animation and a detailed, living background!
  • Friendly characters and cunning bosses!
  • A light-hearted narrative with heart, humor, and levity.
  • Your mission can go in a special order thanks to the Overworld Map!
  • New Game+.
  • Co-op mode.
  • Challenge Mode: With dozens of fully-featured challenges, up the ante in every way possible.
  • Assign character genders whichever you choose.

Available languages

EnglishGermanFrenchItalianJapaneseKoreanPortugueseRussianSimplified ChineseSpanishTraditional Chinese


esrb rating:

EVERYONEContent is generally suitable for all ages. May contain minimal cartoon, fantasy or mild violence and/or infrequent use of mild language.


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