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Ride to Hell: Retribution

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The game is set in the last years of the roaring 1960s, a time of sex, drugs and rock 'n' roll. The biker movement, rock music, and the hippie counterculture all add to the fascinating atmosphere to be experienced in Ride to Hell. Action-loaded from the very start with free roaming environments, players can immerse themselves in the liberty and freedom of riding full throttle with their gang on a multitude of different vehicles through the dusty flats of Western America. Protecting their turf, their brothers and their machines from rival gangs is just a taste of what this epic game involves. Ride to Hell is not for the faint-hearted; it's aimed heavily at the player who wants to become fully involved in the original West Coast biker culture. With its hard drinking, bare-knuckle environment, this is as close to the action as you can get.

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Motorbike action

Not that bad at all, totally playabe not like some reviewers pointed. The story is simple yet functional, a tale of revenge set in the 60's like an old western or a b-movie with hilarious voice acting.
The game is not polished, it plays and feels more like an Xbox Arcade game with a full lenght duration. The graphics are made in Unreal Engine 3 and the physic are very arcade or non existant in places so you know what to expect. There are collectibles, a little town to return to between missions and little details here and there (like the bike customization) but is pretty linear and straighforward. Not goty material here and not worth the full price but is entertaining anyway if you like the setting, the bikers theme and can pass trought his flaws. 6/10
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