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The survival horror genre creepily crawls back into the franchise which coined the term. Resident Evil 7: Biohazard (PC) is Capcom's return to the roots while giving a different perspective and showing a different slice of the Resident Evil world. Ethan Winters' search for his wife takes him to the estate of the Baker family, deep in Louisiana swamps. What he discovers there are things that will shake him to the core.First-person perspective

Resident Evil 7 is the first in the franchise to use a first-person perspective throughout the entire experience for maximum immersion. See the decaying Baker estate through the terrified eyes of Ethan Winters. In Resident Evil 7 for the first time in the series you will share the perspective of your character when the deranged enemies relentlessly hunt you. Resident Evil 7 Biohazard VR integration augments the immersion in a heart-stopping experience that will leave you terrified for hours.Familiar universe, new story

Meet Ethan Winters. Ethan lost his wife three years ago and until recently he thought her dead. After a cryptic message he leaves to look for her only to arrive at an old estate in Louisiana swamps. The inhabitants are not a friendly bunch, however. Resident Evil 7’s primary antagonist is the Baker family, four insane, cannibalistic people that may not be even human anymore. Uncovering the secrets of the mansion and this family may be Ethan's only way of surviving the ordeal.New gameplay

Resident Evil 7 moves away from the action-centered recent RE titles. Don't expect to feel like a superhuman sharpshooter in Resident Evil 7 gameplay. The bullets are scarce, the enemies don't die easily or at all and Ethan is not the soldier who can take as much damage as he can deal. Be prepared to hide, to run, and to fight frantically for your life when the enemies discover you. Resident Evil 7 may a first-person perspective game, but it definitely isn't a shooter.Found footage

Resident Evil 7 creatively uses the phenomenon of the found footage horror films in its gameplay. As Ethan discover tapes scattered around the estate by the previous victims of the Bakers. Each tape is a new gameplay section, showing you first-hand what the previous crew discovered and endured. Can you assemble all the pieces and figure out what you are actually up against?


Resident Evil 7 offers a new gameplay and story perspective on the franchise. A strong return to the survival horror genre, with mysteries to solve, and powerful enemies that are easier to avoid than to kill.Resident Evil 7: Biohazard features

  • FPP experience - Resident Evil 7 abandons the third person perspective in favor of a more immersive solution
  • Disturbing enemies - the deranged, cannibalistic Baker family are your primary antagonists. Can you avoid the notice of these barely human people
  • Atmospheric location - Resident Evil 7: Biohazard is set in a decaying estate in the middle of Louisiana swamps. It's hard to find a better setting for a survival horror game
  • VR integration - RE7 can be played using a VR headset, which doubles the immersion and triples the dread
  • Enigmas to solve - many places of the Baker estate are locked by puzzles and enigmas devised by a deranged mind. Solving them in time is crucial for survival

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crazy game

this game is so good!the story is awesome and the graphics are very good!!
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Very good

I like this game. Very horror game. The story is beatifull.
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