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Power & Revolution 2022 Edition

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Recreate 2022 in Power & Revolution

The current state of the world is one of chaos and uncertainty, with a number of pressing issues facing humanity. The ongoing conflict in Ukraine is causing turmoil and instability, and it is unclear how the situation will ultimately be resolved. In addition to this, the COVID-19 pandemic continues to ravage the globe, with the risk of new variants emerging and the possibility of long-term effects on global health. The threat of global warming is also a major concern, as rising temperatures and changing weather patterns could have significant and potentially devastating impacts on the planet. Economic issues such as inflation and rising prices for key resources are also causing problems, adding to the overall sense of unrest and instability.

In light of these challenges, Power & Revolution 2022 Edition offers players the opportunity to take on the role of a head of state or opposition leader in any country and navigate these complex issues through a variety of different scenarios. In the Ukraine scenario, players can work to save the country by supporting the Ukrainian army, imposing financial sanctions on Russia, accepting refugees, and more. The global warming scenario tasks players with reducing CO2 emissions and influencing other countries to do the same, while the "Animal Welfare" scenario challenges players to become a leader in animal rights. The "French Elections" scenario allows players to compete as candidates in the April 2022 French elections.

Overall, Power & Revolution 2022 Edition offers a unique and engaging way for players to learn about and grapple with the real-world challenges facing humanity today. Whether you choose to play as a head of state or opposition leader or take on one of the many available scenarios, you'll have the opportunity to make important decisions and see the real-world consequences of your actions.

War in Ukraine

In the Ukrainian conflict scenario, players have the opportunity to take on the role of Ukraine and one or more NATO countries as they work to resist the advance of Russian tanks and support the Ukrainian army. Players can also choose to impose financial sanctions on Russia, accept refugees, make the Russian president unpopular with the people, and influence China to officially oppose the conflict. To accurately simulate the conflict, we have developed new features and expanded various aspects of the game, including the ability to access allies' bases, provide weapons, calculate the costs and losses of the war, negotiate a peace treaty and divide conquered regions, and more. We have also improved the way economic embargoes and financial sanctions are implemented and their impacts on prices and added the ability to influence AI leaders to implement these measures as well. In normal game mode, all countries are playable, with the same military context and events as in the real world.

Fake News and Conspiracy Theories

Various conspiracy theories can emerge in a country based on a range of factors, including the level of control over social media. As the head of state, the player has the ability to launch information campaigns and deconstruction campaigns to try to dismantle these theories and influence public figures who are spreading them to abandon them. Alternatively, the player can choose to take more drastic measures to control the internet. With the use of secret services, the player can also take action abroad by disseminating theories in enemy countries, or at home by instigating fake news about individuals deemed hostile. These actions allow the player to shape the public's perception and understanding of events and can be used as a tool for achieving specific goals.

Climat changes scenario

Players will have the opportunity to make a real impact in the fight against global warming. The simulation of the Climate Change Conferences (COP) allows players to modify goals for reducing CO2 emissions and participate in decisions about the Green Climate Fund, which is designed to help developing countries. One of the key features of this scenario is the ability to influence other countries to do more to address global warming, using an AI system that sets objectives and actions for all countries. This system allows players to see the real-world impact of their decisions and track global warming trends in detail up to the year 2100. By taking an active role in this scenario, players can play a part in shaping the future of our planet and addressing one of the most pressing issues of our time.

Fight for animal rights

All countries are now ranked based on their efforts to protect animal rights. As the player, you have access to a dedicated budget and a range of legislation that you can use to advance your country's position on animal rights issues. This legislation includes regulations on hunting, recognition of animal rights, attitudes towards bullfighting, the production of foie gras, battery farming, whale hunting, testing cosmetics on animals, keeping marine mammals in aquariums or wild animals in circuses, dog fighting, and more. A specific scenario in the game challenges players to become one of the most reputable countries in the world when it comes to animal rights. By using your budget and legislation wisely, you can work to improve your country's ranking and make a difference for animals.


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