Panic Mode

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In a world full of hazards, the "if it ain't broke" line of thinking has lead to quite a precarious situation. Instead of taking preventive caution like say, fire escapes, instead the only company on the planet decides to hire you as a crisis manager. Use the corporate-provided tools (oft comprised of dangerous materials themselves) to prevent imminent chaos and guide the alien species known as 'Pammies' to safety.

In each location, an accident is bound to happen. First, set up your equipment in the space. When things kick-off, use your tools to mitigate the calamity that would otherwise cause all of the pammies to perish. Save the pammies! Or don't; the company will keep you on as crisis manager regardless of your performance.

  • Behaviour: Pammies aren't smart yet they aren't stupid either
  • Elements: Each biome has elements that impact the levels
  • Tools: crisis management equipment will be provided

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