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Outriders for PC

The combination of a third-person shooter and deep RPG systems let you create your own exciting journey.

Play as one of the intense classes and customize your own character to fit your preferences. Change up your gear, mod your guns, pick your skills. Define what kind of a player you want to be!

Become humanity's hope as you explore the world of an alien planet - the Enoch.
Use The Anomaly’s power and utilize your superhuman abilities.

The mysterious signal is calling out to you - will you be up for the challenge?

Outriders classes

Devastator - Unleash seismic attacks at close range. Tank. Stand Your Ground.

Pyromancer - Make use of fire. Shoot at enemies in the medium range. Conjure. Fire.

Technomancer - Support your teammates at long range. Make use of various gadgets and deadly contraptions.

Trickster - Manipulate time and help your team in close range combat. Hit & Run. Become spacetime.


  • Various classes with unique abilities
  • Play single-player or enjoy the time with your friends in 3 person co-op
  • Customize your character and your deadly weapons
  • Think through the skill tree options
  • Enjoy the combat!

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Average rating: 4.80 (5 votes)
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This is the reasonable price range for this

After trying the game, this 36€ is a fair price. But definitely not worth the full 60€ Price tag.
(3 of 7 users found this helpful)

Great game

Is a combination between - anthem - division 2 - destiny 2 . I played the demo . Verry nice game but to be honest i prefer this price than 60 on steam .
(2 of 2 users found this helpful)

Really fun looter shooter

Interesting game with a decent amout of good ideas.
Every class has its own playstyle, the progression is done very well and the game has a lot of content to offer.
At this price i can for sure recommend it.
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nice title

best graphic i ever seen and nice gameplay, the best thing of the game is the costumation of the character
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(*)(*)(*)(*)( ) 

Good potential but lacks of means

The game is pretty good so far. It is a RPG like The Division 2 / Destiny 2. You have four class in the game and each of those have different abilities that you will unlock through the game. It is a looter shooter so if you want the best equipment, you have to greed a lot.

The problem is the connection with the server. The game sometimes is unplayable with a lot of lag. I played with a friend so I don't know if you play solo it's better. But the game is really more fun with a friend.

Maybe with time they will have better server but check some videos on youtube before buying it.
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