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Why you should buy it:
  • You want to explore a breathtaking new land.
  • You love epic adventures in open worlds.
  • You're looking for an MMO without a subscription fee.

New World is an MMORPG developed by Amazon Games. It allows players to explore the mysterious Aeternum island. Join thousands of players and start the journey of your life!

The island of Aeternum 

Discover the land of magic that defies the laws of life and death! Learn its vast mythology and watch how fables come to life. You'll witness revivals of the dead and supernatural healing deadly wounds. Brace yourself for exploration of this open world and meeting its unique and diverse flora and inhabitants. In this strange land, you may be sure of one thing: Aeternum will provide you with an adventure of a lifetime!

Classes characters

Unlike many MMORPGs, New World doesn't require choosing classes. As a result, you don't have to pick your role in the game's world in the very beginning. You can develop your character in the direction you want as your journey progresses. There are three major skills categories:

  • Core Attributes such as strength or intelligence 
  • Trade Skills such as gathering or crafting
  • Weapon Mastery that determines your fighting skills.
To tame a land

All the bold adventurers who reach the shores of Aeternum must fight, craft, gather resources, and build structures to survive in this land. Moreover, you'll join one of three factions fighting for power on the island.

  • The Marauders
  • The Syndicate
  • The Covenant

Each of them comes with unique goals and foes.

Sharpen your sword

Fighting is one of the essential parts of New World. To defeat your enemies, you'll have to master positioning, aiming, and timing. You will test your combat skills fighting against NPCs and other players. Besides, duels there will be some group combats, including outpost rushes, invasions, and massive 100-player wars.

  • A vast and polished open world.
  • Classless progression system.
  • Epic 100-player battles.
  • Dynamic combat with deadly weapons and supernatural skills.
  • Settlements with markets run by players.
  • No subscription fee.

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Just a Boring Game

By the kinds of Amazon you would think that they can make a half decent game with all their money.

Instead we got a bugged walking Sim with quests that are all the same. Story is Boring, Gameplay is sluggisch and uninspired and the combat is wanky and unresponsive.

Worst spend money of the year 2021
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